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EXCLUSIVE: Fisch Steels

EXCLUSIVE: Fisch Steels "Action Comics" Gig

CBR News spoke with Sholly Fisch, writer of the upcoming "Action Comics" co-feature, which begins by focusing on Steel before moving on to different members of Superman's supporting cast.


PREVIEW: "Action Comics" #4

DC Comics has released a preview of "Action Comics" #4, featuring Grant Morrison and Rags Morales' New 52 debut of Steel! Featuring a back-up Steel story by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker, the issue goes on sale December 7.

DC Plans More Backups As

DC Plans More Backups As "Steel" Heads To "Action"

With Grant Morrison reinventing John Henry Irons for the New 52, the writer has tapped "Batman: The Brave & The Bold" scribe Sholly Fisch to tell stories of Steel in "Action Comics."

Lyons Unleashes Doomsday on

Lyons Unleashes Doomsday on "Steel"

CBR News discussed "Steel" #1 with Steve Lyons, learning how the British sci-fi writer came to be involved in the mega "Reign of Doomsday" event and just what makes scripting the Kryptonian killer so damn fun.

"Steel #1" and the State of the Superhero Comic

In anticipation of next month's "Steel" one-shot, ROBOT 6's Sean T. Collins considers the character he calls "one of the most undervalued characters and designs in DC’s pantheon."

Steve Lyons: Man of

Steve Lyons: Man of "Steel"

Steve Lyons brings his knack for out-of-this-world stories to the DC Universe in January with “Steel.” Lyons talked with CBR about the one-shot, his first foray into American comics.