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SPIDER-ISLAND HOPPING: Slott on "Amazing Spider-Man" #673

CBR brings SPIDER-ISLAND HOPPING, our in depth look at each of the crossover, to a close by speaking with writer Dan Slott about the storyline's epilogue, "Amazing Spider-Man" #673.


SPIDER-ISLAND HOPPING: Pyle on "Amazing Spider-Man" #672

In today's SPIDER-ISLAND HOPPING, our look at each issue of the event with the creators involved, CBR chats with Assistant Editor Ellie Pyle about part six, "Amazing Spider-Man" #672.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #673

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive, clothing-optional preview of "Amazing Spider-Man" #673. Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli's "Spider-Island" epilogue hits stores November 2.

EXCLUSIVE Spider-Island Teaser

EXCLUSIVE Spider-Island Teaser

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive teaser image promoting "Amazing Spider-Man" #673, the November-shipping epilogue to the current Spider-Island storyline.


SPIDER-ISLAND HOPPING: Slott on "Amazing Spider-Man" #666

CBR News kicks off SPIDER-ISLAND HOPPING, our new regular in-depth look at the massive "Spider-Island" event. We begin with a discussion of the prelude issue with writer Dan Slott.


REVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #666

James Hunt gives "Amazing Spider-Man" #666 4.5 stars, saying the opening chapter of Dan Slott's "Spider-Island" storyarc has imbued the title with "a palpable sense of excitement."

TALK TO THE HAT: The Amazing Spider-Franchise

TALK TO THE HAT: The Amazing Spider-Franchise

Tom Brevoort speaks on the current state of Spider-Man from the FCBD special kicking off "Spider-Island" to the difference between today and Brand New Day, while addressing current concerns over Marvel Comics page counts and more!


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #659

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive first look at "Amazing Spider-Man" #659 by Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente and Stefano Caselli. Spidey continues his adventures as a member of the FF on June 27!


REVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #657

Doug Zawisza gives "Amazing Spider-Man" #657 a rare 5 star review, calling writer Dan Slott's story, drawn by several artists, "fun, emotional, and memorable, worthy of reading, re-reading and sharing."

"Amazing Spider-Man" Becomes "Infested"

Marvel has released a teaser for "Infested," a storyline beginning in "Amazing Spider-Man" #659 and running through #666 when "Spider-Island" begins. The journey begins April 27 courtesy of Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli.

PRESS RELEASE: Spider-Man Joins the FF


REVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #654

Doug Zawisza reviewed "Amazing SPider-Man" #654 and gave the issue 4.5 stars, saying of the latest chapter in "Big Time" "the high-flying, fun-loving, strong-willed Spider-Man I became enamored with as a kid."

Slott Weaves A

Slott Weaves A "Big Time" Web for Spidey

Writer Dan Slott spoke with CBR News about the "Big Time" changes the titular "Amazing Spider-Man" has undergone in recent months while spilling hints and details on what lies ahead for the popular Web-Head.

Slott Enters Spidey's

Slott Enters Spidey's "Big Time"

In "Amazing Spider-Man" #647, the Spidey writing team told one last tale as a group. This week, Dan Slott starts his run as sole writer on the book, kicking off the new "Big Time" era. We spoke with Slott about his plans.

FIRST LOOK: Secret Warriors #1

FIRST LOOK: Secret Warriors #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at pages from "Secret Warriors" #1 by writers Brian Michael Bendis & Jonathan Hickman and artist Stefano Caselli, on sale in February.