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REVIEW: King, Seeley & Mooney's

REVIEW: King, Seeley & Mooney's "Grayson: Futures End" #1

Tom King, Tim Seeley and Stephen Mooney's "Grayson: Futures End" #1 is "well worth the read in its genuine chemistry, character-revealing moments and tight plotting."

Shalvey & Mooney Discuss Careers,

Shalvey & Mooney Discuss Careers, "Half Past Danger"

Declan Shalvey & Stephen Mooney discussed their longtime friendship, their careers in comics and the upcoming collection of "Half Past Danger."

Stephen Mooney Takes Comics Fans

Stephen Mooney Takes Comics Fans "Half Past Danger"

Writer/artist Stephen Mooney discusses his World War II-era adventure "Half Past Danger," revealing the title's cinematic & comic book influences and his goal to tell a type of story rarely found in modern comics.

Angel Revisited: Creators Talk Comics Adaptations

Angel Revisited: Creators Talk Comics Adaptations

Creators Scott Tipton & Stephen Mooney talk about their adaptation of the “Angel” episode “Not Fade Away,” which Angel comics they consider canon, and their individual contributions to “Angel: After the Fall."

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