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Comics A.M. - Antarctic Press to Stop Selling

Comics A.M. - Antarctic Press to Stop Selling "Wimpy Kid" Parody

Antarctic Press consents to temporary restraining order in "Wimpy Kid" lawsuit! Date changes for Atomic Comics auction! Interviews with Steve NIles, Jim Salicrup, and Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo! Plus more!

CBR TV: Michael Kaluta on

CBR TV: Michael Kaluta on "Paradise Lost," Madame Xanadu & More

Michael Kaluta spoke with CBR TV at NYCC about his Legendary Comics collaboration with writer Steve Niles adapting John Milton's "Paradise Lost," the resurgence of Madame Xanadu in the DCU and more.

CCI: IDW's Greatest Panel of All Time

CCI: IDW's Greatest Panel of All Time

Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall and editor Scott Dunbier with special creator guests spun the wheel (literally) to bring Comic-Con attendees the latest news from IDW Publishing.

PRESS RELEASE: Image to Release "CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011" Benefit Anthology

PRESS RELEASE: CCI: IDW Announces Niles, Wrightson's "Frankenstein Alive, Alive"

PRESS RELEASE: IDW offers "Twilight" fans trade-in for "30 Days of Night" at CCI


Niles' "30 Days of Night" Ongoing Announced

IDW has announced a new, ongoing "30 Days of Night" series by creator Steve Niles and artist Sam Keith, the opening arc of which debuts in October and shifts venues from Alaska to Los Angeles.

Eric Powell's

Eric Powell's "The Goon" Returns

Eric Powell's "The Goon" is back and bimonthly starting in June, ready to put sparkly vampires in their place. CBR News spoke with Powell about the acclaimed series, working with Steve Niles & Evan Dorkin and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Criminal Macabre Comes to Dark Horse Presents

Steve Niles Brings Back

Steve Niles Brings Back "Criminal Macabre"

Steve Niles spoke with CBR about the return of occult detective Cal McDonald, star of "Criminal Macabre," in a Free Comic Book Day issue, a crossover with Eric Powell's "The Goon" and two omnibus editions.

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Collects Niles' "Criminal Macabre" in Two Omnibus Editions

The Busy World of Steve Niles

The Busy World of Steve Niles

Prolific writer Steve Niles spoke with CBR about working with Slash on a "Wake the Dead" film, sewing "Crime and Terror" with Scott Morse, adapting a one-man play for comics and his first novel.

ECCC: Marz & Sellner Saddle Up with

ECCC: Marz & Sellner Saddle Up with "Deadlands"

Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Chuck Sellner and more team to create comics based on the weird western world of the roleplaying game "Deadlands." We spoke with Marz and Sellner about the June-debuting series of one-shots.

PRESS RELEASE: "30 Days of Night" Returns

Grants and Niles Team Up for

Grants and Niles Team Up for "Suicide Girls"

Steve Niles and Brea and Zane Grant translate the sexy online community into a team of daring adventurers in "Suicide Girls." Featuring art by David Hahn and Cameron Stewart, the series launches in March from IDW.

Steve Niles' Creator-Owned Spotlight

Steve Niles' Creator-Owned Spotlight

Steve Niles has been a vocal proponent of creator-owned comics. This week he kicks off a new column on ROBOT 6 spotlighting creator-owned comics and those who support the need for more creator-owned books.

NYCC: Niles'

NYCC: Niles' "Criminal Macabre" Meets the Goon

Cal MacDonald, the arcane detective from "Criminal Macabre," will make a big comeback in 2011. We spoke with Steve Niles about "The Goon/Criminal Macabre," an FCBD flipbook and more standalone one-shots.

Niles talks

Niles talks "Edge of Doom" & "Doc Macabre"

Steve Niles spoke about his two new IDW horror series, "Edge of Doom" with Kelley Jones and "Doc Macabre" with Bernie Wrightson, as well as a potential Sam Kieth "30 Days of Night" project.

H.P. Lovecraft and the Horror of Comics

H.P. Lovecraft and the Horror of Comics

Comic creators Mike Mignola, Steve Niles and Hans Rodionoff spoke to an audience of fans about their experiences with and influences by H.P. Lovecraft during their panel at the West Hollywood Book Fair.

CCI: Dark Horse Horror Comics

CCI: Dark Horse Horror Comics

Dark Horse Comics brought terror to San Diego once again with the popular creators of the publisher's horror titles helming a Comic-Con panel featuring news, insights into their work and an audience Q&A session.

PRESS RELEASE: Steve Niles Signs "Mystery Society" at Midtown Comics

Niles Sinks His Teeth Into

Niles Sinks His Teeth Into "X-Files/30 Days of Night"

Steve Niles spoke with CBR News about his upcoming IDW/Wildstorm title which will cross over his popular vampire franchise with the Emmy Award television winning series.

Niles Joins

Niles Joins "The Mystery Society"

Steve Niles ventures into the unexplained with "The Mystery Society," debuting in June from IDW. CBR spoke with the prolific writer about the new series, his other projects and the wizards who built Stonehenge.

C2E2: Wildstorm Panel

C2E2: Wildstorm Panel

The men behind the Wildstorm Universe caught readers up on current events in the Wildstorm U and announced Tony Harris' next project post-"Ex Machina" and new crossover book with IDW "X-Files/30 Days of Night."

PRESS RELEASE: Join Steve Niles' "Mystery Society"

CCI: Radical Publishing

CCI: Radical Publishing

CBR was on hand for Radical Publishing's panel at Comic-Con, including Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Pugh, David Hine, Jim Steranko, Nick Simmons, Steve Niles, Rick Remember, Sam Sarkar, M. Zachary Sherman, Mark Long and Nick Sagan.

IDW Celebrates Ten Years

IDW Celebrates Ten Years

IDW Publishing recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, and CBR News spoke with company President Ted Adams and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall about the publisher's history and future.

Niles & Lapham Talk 30 Days of Night

Niles & Lapham Talk 30 Days of Night

“30 Days til Death,” the latest in the “30 Days of Night” vampire saga, released its third issue this month from IDW Publishing. CBR caught up with creator Steve Niles and current writer-artist David Lapham to discuss the series.

PRESS RELEASE: Radical announces NYCC signing schedule, NYCC exclusive 3D cover

PRESS RELEASE: "City of Dust" reaches its fifth issue finale in February

PRESS RELEASE: image reveals "Spawn: Book of the Dead"

Steve Niles on

Steve Niles on "City of Dust"

Steve Niles's “City of Dust” from Radical looks at what happens when monsters return to a world that's been stripped of imagination. CBR News spoke with Niles about the five-issue miniseries, which begins this week.

PRESS RELEASE: Live Web Cast with Steve Niles tonight at 6:00 PM on Radical Comics

Pipeline - 9/23/2008

Pipeline - 9/23/2008

Augie goes back a decade in comics to find "Siren," by J Torres and Tim Levins of "Family Dynamic" fame. Does it hold up today? Also, "Steve Niles' Strange Cases" wraps and Pipeline mourns the end. Plus, a busy week of podcasting!

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing to host Steve Niles webcast on September 30th

Bigfoot Shoes to Fill: Wickline talks

Bigfoot Shoes to Fill: Wickline talks "Savage"

CBR talks to writer Dan Wickline about the process of script-doctoring the new Bigfoot/Werewolf miniseries, “Savage,” created by Jeff Frank, Steve Niles and Mike Mayhew and published by Shadowline/Image.

CCI: Steve Niles’ Supernatural Summer

CCI: Steve Niles’ Supernatural Summer

"30 Days of Night" creator Steve Niles drops teases on his new vampire/vigilante crossbreed comic book “Epilogue" and announces the new horror anthology, "Dark Delicacies," based on the popular prose series.

David Lapham dishes on

David Lapham dishes on "30 Days Till Death"

Hugely acclaimed "Stray Bullets" creator David Lapham sinks his teeth into Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith’s vampire mythology with “30 Days ‘Til Death,” a new four-issue miniseries from IDW Publishing.

CCI: IDW's Ideals and Dreams

CCI: IDW's Ideals and Dreams

IDW Publishing announced a slew of upcoming comics and multimedia projects based on their properties at their panel "Ideals and Dreams" at CCI Saturday. CBR News was there.

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Steve Niles

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Steve Niles

The CBR Boat Show cruises with Steve Niles who talks comics, updates the status of the feature film “Walk the Dead” and announces that his next feature film script will be for horror director legend John Carpenter.