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Gertler Reintroduces

Gertler Reintroduces "Salimba"

About Comics publisher Nat Gertler discusses “Salimba,” a new collection of works from the late Steve Perry with art by Paul Chadwick and a new prose tale with illustrations by Steve Bissette.

Roommate Charged With

Roommate Charged With "Thundercats" Writer's Murder

Originally listed as "a person of interest," Steve Perry's roommate has officially been charged with the comic book writer's murder by the police investigating the crime. ROBOT 6 has more.

R.I.P. Stephen Perry

R.I.P. Stephen Perry

After a battle with cancer and a spotlight provided by the HERO Initiative, the former comic book and animation writer met a sudden tragic end as friends and colleagues move to keep his memory alive with fans.

Hero Initiative: Steve Perry

Hero Initiative: Steve Perry

Steve Perry, the writer of "Thundercats," "Silverhawks," "Time Spirits" and more, discusses how the Hero Initiative helped him when he needed it the most and talks about how to best support the organization.