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ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Moreci & Seeley Take A Stab At

ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Moreci & Seeley Take A Stab At "Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain"

"Hack/Slash" comes back to life as "Hoax Hunters" creators Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley introduce the "Son of Samhain!"

Freshly Optioned

Freshly Optioned "Hoax Hunters" Keeps Exploring the Unknown

With a potential film now in development, writers Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley expand on the upcoming season-ending arc of their Image Comics series, and the arrival of artist Tristan Jones to the book.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Hoax Hunters" #6

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR has an exclusive preview of "Hoax Hunters" #6 by Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley & Axel Medellin. The Hoax Hunters are hunted at Reality Con January 16.

Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley's

Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley's "Hoax Hunters" Graduates to An Ongoing Series

The writing duo behind the "Hack/Slash" back-up series spoke with CBR on transitioning to an ongoing series, all-new artist Axel Medellin and what the future holds for the "Hoax Hunters" investigative team.

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