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CBR TV: Leonard Maltin on Movies, Misfires &

CBR TV: Leonard Maltin on Movies, Misfires & "The Avengers'" Success

From the CBR TV vault, film critic Leonard Maltin discusses why "The Avengers" succeeded, why certain flops aren't actually flops and the global box office.

"Spielberg Will Never Win an Oscar" & More Old Pop Culture References

In honor of the Oscars, CSBG invites you to check out a now-obscure Steven Spielberg reference in "Avengers" plus other outdated pop culture references!

"Frozen," "The Croods" take home multiple Annie Awards

Honoring "excellence in the field of animation," the 41st Annie Awards recognized "Toy Story of TERROR!," "Futurama," "Adventure Time," "Pacific Rim," "Monsters University," Katsuhiro Otomo and more.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "Jurassic Park 3D"

Set aside reservations about 3D post-conversion, because "Jurassic Park 3D" looks phenomenal, casting Steven Spielberg's 1993 adventure in a new light and allowing audiences to experience the spectacle all over again

Movie Legends Revealed: Did Spielberg Win Cut of

Movie Legends Revealed: Did Spielberg Win Cut of "Star Wars" Profits In Bet?

Brian Cronin travels to a galaxy far, far away to discover whether there’s any truth to the story that Steven Spielberg won a percentage of the profits to the original "Star Wars" in a bet.

Movie Legends Revealed: Alternate Ending For

Movie Legends Revealed: Alternate Ending For "Raiders of the Lost Ark?"

Kicking off his new weekly feature for SPINOFF ONLINE, CSBG's Brian Cronin examines the enduring belief that an alternate ending was filmed for "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

"Adventures of Tintin" Nabs Best Animated Film

Steven Spielberg's first animated feature took the award for Best Animated Film at the 69th Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday, besting "Rango," "Cars 2," "Puss in Boots" and "Arthur Christmas."



With "War Horse," director Steven Spielberg delivers a maudlin and meandering (and beautifully filmed) tale of a boy, his horse and the horrors of war that’s sure to manipulate the heartstrings - and Oscar voters.

Lingne Claire and the Uncanny Valley" class="tnail" />

"Tintin," Lingne Claire and the Uncanny Valley

Aubrey Sitterson dissects the aesthetics of "The Adventures of Tintin," Steven Spielberg's big screen adaptation of Hergé's comics and walking the fine line separating realistic from creepy in both film and comics.

SPINOFF: Spielberg, Bell & Frost on the Joys and Pressures of

SPINOFF: Spielberg, Bell & Frost on the Joys and Pressures of "Tintin"

Director Steven Spielberg, stars Jamie Bell and Nick Frost, producer Kathleen Kennedy and Weta's Joe Letteri discuss bringing Hergé's boy reporter to the big screen in "The Adventures of Tintin."


CCI: "Falling Skies" Panel

The stars and producers of TNT’s hit alien-invasion drama "Falling Skies" took to the stage at Comic-Con International to offer a peek behind the scenes and reveal a few hints for the second season.

CCI: Spielberg, Jackson Preview

CCI: Spielberg, Jackson Preview "Tintin"

Steven Spielberg appeared at Comic-Con to accept the show's Inkpot Award and offer a preview of his upcoming film, "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" alongside producer Peter Jackson.

5 Spielberg Movies to Follow Up

5 Spielberg Movies to Follow Up "Super 8"

Has JJ Abrams' tribute to Steven Spielberg made you want the real thing SPINOFF suggests some movies to check out to get your Amblin Entertainment fix.

SPINOFF: Knight Talks

SPINOFF: Knight Talks "Falling Skies"

Ahead of Sunday's series premiere, "Falling Skies" star Maxim Knight talks with SPINOFF ONLINE about his career thus far and what viewers can expect from the Steven Spielberg-produced alien-invasion drama.

CBR TV: Lang, O'Mara Discuss

CBR TV: Lang, O'Mara Discuss "Terra Nova"

The stars of Fox's "Terra Nova," Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang discuss the new dino-centric series, the challenges of filming in Australia, its overall concept and appeal, Lang's contractual "welcome speeches" and more!

How Joel Courtney Stumbled into

How Joel Courtney Stumbled into "Super 8"

SPINOFF spoke with acting newcomer Joel Courtney about how he went from trying to land a commercial on a visit to LA to a starring role in JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg's "Super 8," in theaters now.


REVIEW: "Super 8"

With his new sci-fi film "Super 8," writer/director J.J. Abrams weaves a tale worthy of the Amblin Entertainment emblem. SPINOFF calls the movie "a magical experience, and an instantly unforgettable one."

JJ Abrams'

JJ Abrams' "Super 8" Inspirations

Director J.J. Abram sat down for a lengthy interview with SPINOFF ONLINE about the making of his and Steven Spielberg's "Super 8" and what the sci-fi thriller, opening nationwide on Friday, means to him.

PRESS RELEASE: Hasbro Inducts Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg into Transformers Hall of Fame


WC11: "Falling Skies" Panel

TNT offered WonderCon attendees a preview of the upcoming sci-fi series "Falling Skies," with writers, producers and co-star Drew Roy discussing the development of the drama. SPINOFF has details.

"Cowboys" & Writers: Roberto Orci

"Cowboys & Aliens" writer/producer Roberto Orci spoke with CBR News about the excitement and challenges in creating a Western/Sci-Fi film and getting an education on the Western from Steven Spielberg.

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

Writer Mark Verheiden stopped by CBR TV to discuss his career as a comics creator, producing the upcoming TNT series "Falling Skies" with Noah Wylie and Steve Spielberg, the show's comic tie-ins and more


CCI: "Falling Skies" Panel

An audience at Comic-Con International got the very first look at "Falling Skies," the new alien-invasion television series from executive producer Steven Spielberg that’s set to debut in summer 2011 on TNT.

SPINOFF: Indiana Jones to Return Again?

SPINOFF: Indiana Jones to Return Again?

Rumors are swirling that Harrison Ford will team with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for a fifth big-screen installment of the popular "Indiana Jones" franchise, taking on the Bermuda Triangle. SPINOFF has details.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The CBR Review

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The CBR Review

CBR's Emmett Furey brings you a spoiler-laden review of the first new Indy adventure in 20 years, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," opening everywhere May 22. Has Indy truly returned to fortune and glory? Read on....

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