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CCI: Indie Creators Reflect on

CCI: Indie Creators Reflect on "Strange Tales II"

Indie comics creators such as Jhonen Vasquez& Jeffrey Brown look back at their outlandish stories for Marvel's "Strange Tales II" collection

When Words Collide - 10/18/2010

When Words Collide - 10/18/2010

Tim takes a close look at one of the best stories of the year - and maybe the best Wolverine story ever - from Marvel's "Strange Tales II" anthology by the amazingly multi-talented Rafael Grampa.


REVIEW: "Strange Tales II" #1

Ryan K. Lindsay reviewed "Strange Tales II" #1 and gave Marvel's indie-centric anthology 4-stars saying, "Funny, insightful, brutal, or just cool, this comic gives you bits of everything. "

CCI: Marvel Announces

CCI: Marvel Announces "Strange Tales II"

Marvel officially announced "Strange Tales II" comprised of three giant-sized issues' worth of alternative, underground, indie, and web cartoonists putting their stamp on Marvel's characters. ROBOT 6 has details