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13 Minutes Of

13 Minutes Of "300: Rise Of An Empire" Screened For Fans

Warner Bros. shared brand new footage from its "300" prequel at an event in ten cities across the U.S., and CBR News was there to share the experience.


New "300: Rise of an Empire" Trailer Brings Conflict To Sea

Warner Bros. new "300: Rise of an Empire" trailer brings a new look at the naval conflict of the film, featuring Eva Green & Sullivan Stapleton.

Warner Bros. Debuts New

Warner Bros. Debuts New "300: Rise of an Empire" Trailer

Warner Bros. has released the newest trailer for "300: Rise of an Empire" featuring a close look at Xerxes, Artemisia and lots of combat.

"300: Rise of an Empire" International Trailer Promises "Death and Destruction"

The new international trailer for "300: Rise of an Empire" sets Greece and Persia on a collision course, as Rodrigo Santoro's god-king Xerxes pledges, "Nothing will stop the march of my empire."

SDCC: Director, Actors Construct

SDCC: Director, Actors Construct "300: Rise of an Empire"

Director Noam Murro and stars Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro and Sullivan Stapleton discuss the challenges of creating cinematic mythology with "300: Rise of an Empire," the sequel to Zack Snyder's 2006 film.

WB & Legendary Release First

WB & Legendary Release First "300: Rise of an Empire" Trailer

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for "300: Rise of An Empire," based on Frank Miller's "Xerxes" graphic novel. The film, directed by Noam Murro, is a sequel to Miller and director Zack Snyder's "300."

"Strike Back's" Sullivan Stapleton to Star in WB's "300" Follow-Up

Actor Sullivan Stapleton joins Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' "300" follow-up as Themistocles, legendary Athenian politician and general. SPINOFF has the details.