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James Stokoe, Mark Andrew Smith Clash Over

James Stokoe, Mark Andrew Smith Clash Over "Sullivan's Sluggers"

On the heels of a second Kickstarter campaign for "Sullivan's Sluggers," artist James Stokoe has asked that his name be removed from the graphic novel, triggering a pointed response from writer Mark Andrew Smith.

Mark Andrew Smith on

Mark Andrew Smith on "Sullivan's Sluggers" & Super-Villain Schools

Mark Andrew Smith speaks on the cusp of the release of his and James Stokoe's "Sullivan's Sluggers," discussing an eventual return to Kickstarter and new "Gladstone's School for World Conquerors" tales.

Mark Andrew Smith Kickstarts

Mark Andrew Smith Kickstarts "Sullivan's Sluggers"

Writer Mark Andrew Smith talks to ROBOT 6 about crowdfunding his baseball-meets-monsters graphic novel, "Sullivan's Sluggers," with artist James Stokoe.

"Sullivan's Sluggers" Step Up To The Plate

Mark Andrew Smith spoke with us about and shared art from "Sullivan's Sluggers," his upcoming Image graphic novel illustrated by James Stokoe about a baseball team tasked with fighting hordes of man-eating monsters.