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PREVIEW: Taylor, Cinar's

PREVIEW: Taylor, Cinar's "Superior Iron Man" #1

The events of "AXIS" have hit Tony Stark hard, and Tom Taylor and Yildiray Cinar's "Superior Iron Man" #1 explores his new frame of mind.

Cinar Constructs a

Cinar Constructs a "Superior Iron Man"

"Superior Iron Man" artist Yildiray Cinar tells CBR what it's like bringing to life an egomaniacal Tony Stark and his new silver battle suit.

Taylor Forges a

Taylor Forges a "Superior Iron Man"

Tom Taylor spills some secrets about November's "Superior Iron Man" debut, which stars a Tony Stark whose ego and intellect have been unleashed.

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Taylor & Cinar's

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Taylor & Cinar's "Superior Iron Man" #1

In November, Tony Stark becomes the "Superior Iron Man," and CBR has an exclusive preview of Yildiray Cinar's art from the debut issue!

Axel-In-Charge - 7/18/2014

Axel-In-Charge - 7/18/2014

Marvel has announced a female Thor, a black Captain America and a "Superior" Iron Man, and Axel Alonso talks in detail about the Avengers NOW! changes.

Taylor Spills Details on Marvel's New

Taylor Spills Details on Marvel's New "Superior Iron Man" Title

Writer Tom Taylor discloses several details about "Superior Iron Man" and Tony Stark's increased ambition and ego.

"Superior Iron Man" and More Headline Marvel's "Avengers NOW!"

Two years after "Marvel NOW," the publisher's latest initiative includes "Superior Iron Man," "All-New Captain America" and the female "Thor."

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