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Jim Beaver Returns to

Jim Beaver Returns to "Supernatural"

The actor, who played fan favorite character Bobby Singer for seven seasons, will appear in the April 1st episode "Inside Man."

"Supernatural's" Robbie Thompson Cautions Dark Times Ahead for Winchester Bros.

"Supernatural" writer Robbie Thompson talks about the tenth season's menaces and and what's ahead as the season finale nears.

"Supernatural's" Ruth Connell Teases Crowley's Family Reunion

The actress talks with SPINOFF about tonight's midseason finale, which reunites the King of Hell with his mother.

"Supernatural's" Robbie Thompson on Felicia Day and the Return of Charlie

The writer, who created the LARPing computer whiz, discusses the appeal of the fan-favorite character and her return to the long-running CW drama.

Thompson Traverses the

Thompson Traverses the "Spider-Verse" and the "Supernatural"

Writer Robbie Thompson tells CBR about the 10th season of "Supernatural" and introducing a steampunk Spider-Woman in Marvel's "Spider-Verse" #1. UPDATED with Denis Medi art.


SDCC: "Supernatural’s" Jeremy Carver & Misha Collins Talk Heaven and Earth

Executive producer Jeremy Carver and star Misha Collins talk about the Winchester brothers' relationship, Castiel's struggles and the state of Heaven as Season 10 opens.

SDCC:  Ackles, Padalecki Look to

SDCC: Ackles, Padalecki Look to "Supernatural's" 10th Season

At Comic-Con International, the stars of the long-running CW series talked about Demon Dean, brotherly bonds and ghosts from the Winchesters' past.


SDCC: "Supernatural" Stars Thank Fans, Tease 'Musical-ish' 200th Episode

The cast of "Supernatural" reflected on the past nine seasons, looked ahead to "Demon Dean," and addressed John Constantine's Castiel-like trenchcoat.

Stuck on Repeat: 7 Hollywood Time Loops

Stuck on Repeat: 7 Hollywood Time Loops

With "Edge of Tomorrow" carrying the torch lit by "Groundhog Day," SPINOFF looks at films and TV shows where characters keep repeating their actions.

Lindsey McKeon Reaps

Lindsey McKeon Reaps "Supernatural" Rewards, Big Screen Future

Lindsey McKeon tells SPINOFF about her recurring role as Tessa the Reaper on "Supernatural" and spills on several upcoming movie roles.

CBR TV: Adam Glass Talks

CBR TV: Adam Glass Talks "Supernatural" and His Comics Future

"Supernatural" executive producer Adam Glass discusses the long-running CW series's early Season 10 pick up, creator-owned comic projects & more


CBR TV: "Lone Wolf & Cub's" Kazuo Koike Talks Legacy & American TV

"Lone Wolf and Cub" creator Kazuo Koike visits with CBR TV at SDCC 2013 to discuss the book's enduring legacy, his love of American television and more!


TOYING AROUND: "Game Of Thrones," Batman & Spider-Man Debuts

A variety of announcements this week showed off new "Game of Thrones" figures, an Adam West Batman bust and a new "Amazing Spider-Man" figure!


SDCC: "Supernatural" Tends to Fallen Angels

Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and the cast and producers "Supernatural" entertained fans at Comic-Con International with teasers for Season 9, slapstick antics and stories of guns and the Impala.

"Supernatural" Writers Return Drama to Its Hellish Roots in Season 8

"Supernatural" writers Adam Glass, Daniel Loflin, Andrew Dabb, Robbie Thompson and Jenny Klein discuss the current current season of the long-running drama, and what lies ahead for Sam and Dean Winchester.

"Arrow" Renewed For Season 2

The CW has announced early renewals for its breakout drama "Arrow," based on the DC Comics character, and veteran series "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural."

CW President Discusses

CW President Discusses "Amazon," "Supernatural" and More

Mark Pedowitz took the stage at the Television Critics Association winter press tour to offer updates on a potential Wonder Woman show, a now-dead "Battle Royale" adaptation, a "Vampire Diaries" spinoff and more.

CBR TV: Ben Edlund Looks Back On

CBR TV: Ben Edlund Looks Back On "The Tick," Teases Comics Return

"The Tick" creator Ben Edlund spoke with CBR TV at about the early success with the nigh-invulnerable one and teased his possible return to comics with a new project.

"Arrow" Lifts CW Ratings, Most Viewed Show on the Network in Three Years

The CW's "Arrow" debuted Wednesday to the highest ratings a show has achieved for the network in three years while helping "Supernatural" to its best number in the past two seasons.

"Supernatural" Takes Sam and Dean From Purgatory to Gates of Hell

With the eighth season of "Supernatural" premiering tonight, executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer discuss what to expect as the Winchester brothers reunite and set out on a new mission to close the Gates of Hell.

CBR TV: Adam Glass Talks

CBR TV: Adam Glass Talks "Suicide Squad," "Supernatural" & Violence

Writer Adam Glass spoke with CBR TV about his work on DC Comics' "Suicide Squad," developing the back story of Amanda Waller in SS and writer Justin Jordan's "Team 7" and next season's "Supernatural" developments.

CCI: The Ben Edlund Panel

CCI: The Ben Edlund Panel

Ben Edlund, creator of "The Tick" and current "Supernatural" writer, spent a wacky 60 minutes getting into his 20-year TV career with cohorts Shadoe Stevens, Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick.

CBR TV: Adam Glass On

CBR TV: Adam Glass On "Suicide Squad," Harley Quinn & Angry Fans

Adam Glass spoke with CBR TV about writing the CW's "Supernatural" and DC Comics' "Suicide Squad," the fan reactions and personal threats he's received over the New 52 take on Harley Quinn and much more.

Glass Supernatural-izes the DCU in

Glass Supernatural-izes the DCU in "JLA 80-Page Giant"

"Supernatural" writer/producer Adam Glass spoke with CBR about writing the framing story for this spring's "JLA 80-Page Giant," his longtime love of the DCU, taking on the Legion of Doom in "Flashpoint" and more.


SPINOFF: "Supernatural" Possesses PaleyFest

The cast and crew of The CW's long-running hit series "Supernatural" took to the stage during PaleyFest to discuss the show's past and present while dropping hints about its future. SPINOFF has a full report.

SPINOFF: Glass Talks the Future of

SPINOFF: Glass Talks the Future of "Supernatural"

With "Supernatural" making its midseason return tonight, SPINOFF spoke with co-executive producer Adam Glass about writing for the show, what fans can expect from the final 11 episodes of the season and more.

Returns of

Returns of "Smallville" and "Supernatural" Delayed Until Next Week

The CW has pushed back tonight’s planned mid-season premieres of "Smallville" and "Supernatural" so the network can air encores of "The Vampire Diaries" and "Nikita." SPINOFF has the details.

CBR TV: Misha Collins

CBR TV: Misha Collins

"Supernatural" star Misha Collins spoke with CBR TV about his use of Twitter to interact with fans, his role as Castiel on the hit horror series, the character's growth over the course of the series and much more.


CCI: "Supernatural" Screening, Q&A

During the panel at Comic-Con International for The CW's "Supernatural," the cast and producers talked about the apocalypse-averting season finale, and the significant change in direction that lies ahead.


SPINOFF: WB Plans "Supernatural" Anime

Madhouse, the acclaimed anime studio behind "Death Note," "Paprika" and segments of "Batman: Gotham Knight," is producing 22 episodes that cover the first two seasons of the live-action CW series "Supernatural."

Which Season Finale Was Best?

Which Season Finale Was Best?

The team at SPINOFF ONLINE, CBR's new TV/film site, wants to know which of television's season finales is your favorite thus far. Stop by, take the poll and join the discussion today!


CCI" The "Supernatural" Panel

Cast and crew of the popular CW series "Supernatural" were on hand at Comic- Con International to talk about season four, Dean going to Hell and back, and to show the first five minutes of the new season.