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Soule Readies

Soule Readies "Swamp Thing" for "Futures End," Upcoming Annual

Charles Soule says destroying the Parliament of Trees may have been the best possible thing for Alec Holland and hints at Etrigan's annual appearance.

REVIEW: Soule, Pina & Kano's

REVIEW: Soule, Pina & Kano's "Swamp Thing Annual" #2

Charles Soule, Javier Pina & Kano bring a brief history of the Green to "Swamp Thing Annual" #2 in a "surprisingly fascinating" issue.


REVIEW: "Swamp Thing Annual" #1

Greg McElhatton gives "Swamp Thing Annual" #1 by Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, Becky Cloonan, Andrew Belanger and Karl Kershl 4 stars, calling the issue "the perfect way to use the Annual format."

CBR TV @ NYCC: Becky Cloonan is a

CBR TV @ NYCC: Becky Cloonan is a "Killjoy"

"Fabulous Killjoys" artist Becky Cloonan made her first visit to the world famous CBR Tiki Lounge at New York Comic Con to discuss "Killjoys," what she hates drawing, female creators and more.