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Previously On...

Previously On..."Being Human"

Syfy's "Being Human" returns for its second season tomorrow, and SPINOFF ONLINE has everything you need to know before you settle in and start watching.

Colin Morgan’s Boy Wizard Grows Up, and Wiser, on

Colin Morgan’s Boy Wizard Grows Up, and Wiser, on "Merlin"

Ahead of the fourth-season premiere of "Merlin" on Syfy, star Colin Morgan discussed his character's journey with SPINOFF ONLINE, the rising conflict with Morgana and his hopes for a beard in Season 5.

"Merlin's" Katie McGrath Channels "Goth Jessica Rabbit" as Morgana

"Merlin" star Katie McGrath spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE about the emergence of Morgana as the confident, "bad-ass" queen of Camelot in the fourth season of the hit fantasy series.

"Booster Gold" Soars to Syfy

Syfy has ordered a pilot script for a drama based on the DC Comics superhero Booster Gold. "Fringe" writer Andrew Kreisberg is writing the project, from Greg Berlanti's Berlanti Productions.

Ben Raab Opens

Ben Raab Opens "Warehouse 13"

Ben Raab, Executive Story Editor and Writer for SyFy's "Warehouse 13" spoke with CBR about the new comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment and what's in store for fans of the show and new readers alike.

CCI: Keeping Syfy's

CCI: Keeping Syfy's "Alphas" Grounded

"Alphas" co-creator Zak Penn, showrunner Ira Steven Behr and star David Strathairn talked with the press at Comic-Con International about Syfy’s new superhuman drama.


5 "Eureka" Episodes to Get You Hooked Before the End

With Syfy announcing the end of "Eureka," SPINOFF chooses the five must-see episodes to get reacquainted with before the grand finale.

SPINOFF: The Science of Syfy's

SPINOFF: The Science of Syfy's "Alphas"

Creator Zak Penn and series star Warren Christie discuss discuss the downside of superhuman abilities in their new series "Alphas," which premieres tonight on Syfy. SPINOFF has the results.

"Warehouse 13" 101: Everything You Need To Know Before Season 3

Syfy's hit "Warehouse 13" returns for a third season tomorrow, and SPINOFF is here to to bring you up to speed on what you need to know before you tune in.

SPINOFF: Cartwright & Ghanizada are Syfy's

SPINOFF: Cartwright & Ghanizada are Syfy's "Alphas"

Stars Azita Ghanizada and Ryan Cartwright and Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr discuss Syfy’s upcoming super-powered drama "Alphas" at SPINOFF ONLINE.

Why the End of

Why the End of "Stargate Universe" Means Bad Things for Syfy

This week's SGU episode ends the space opera series, leaving the channel formerly known as Sci-Fi entirely Earthbound. SPINOFF asks: Surely that can't be a good thing, right?

SPINOFF: Can 17 Precincts Make Up For One Flawed Battlestar?

SPINOFF: Can 17 Precincts Make Up For One Flawed Battlestar?

With cast and creator of "Battlestar Galactica" reteaming for new pilot "17th Precinct," SPINOFF's Graeme McMillan wonders whether this is a chance for redemption or just more final episode heartbreak. UPDATED

Dynamite Enters

Dynamite Enters "Warehouse 13"

Dynamite Entertainment and NBC Universal have announced they will be joining together in order to bring the popular Syfy television show "Warehouse 13" to the comic book page in 2011.

SPINOFF: 10 Thoughts About The End Of

SPINOFF: 10 Thoughts About The End Of "Caprica"

Syfy may have pulled the last episodes of the "Battlestar Galactica" spin-off "Caprica," but SPINOFF wonders whether the fan upset about the decision is justified.

SPINOFF: Are TV Shows Doomed To Lose Viewers?

SPINOFF: Are TV Shows Doomed To Lose Viewers?

In light of Syfy's "Warehouse 13" losing half a million viewers for no apparent reason, SPINOFF wonders if television series can't help but fail to hold on to their fans.


CCI: "Eureka" And "Warehouse 13"

At Syfy’s Saturday panel at Comic-Con International, the producers and stars of "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13" took to the stage and discussed what’s in store for both of the hit series in their upcoming new seasons.

SPINOFF: Exploring

SPINOFF: Exploring "Eureka's" Past With Ferguson & Paglia

Last Friday saw a massive change in the status quo of Syfy's "Eureka." SPINOFF spoke with Colin Gerguson and Jaime Paglia about the past and future of the popular sci-fi series.

A Conversation With

A Conversation With "The Phantom"

Ryan Carnes, the titular star of SyFy's upcoming "The Phantom" miniseries, spoke about taking on the title role, researching the character and the unique aspects he brings to the Phantom's seventy-plus year history.

The Magic Of

The Magic Of "Merlin’s" Angel Coulby

SPINOFF ONLINE spoke with Angel Coulby who stars as Guinevere on SyFy's "Merlin," discussing the series' increasing popularity, her "Star Wars" fan tendencies, the show's twist on the classic Arthurian love triangle and more.

CCI: Stargate Universe

CCI: Stargate Universe

The newly branded SyFy channel introduces the continuation of the fifteen-season-long string of Stargate shows with their newest and most morally ambiguous creation, "Stargate Universe."

Permanent Damage - 7/15/2009

Permanent Damage - 7/15/2009

It's Comic Con time, so hooray for San Diego! So what do we do about it now? Plus: thoughts on moving the con, the Permanent Damage midsummer television wrap-up, the crazy art of spying, and more.