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A Conference of

A Conference of "Losers"

The cast, writer and director of "The Losers" assembled for a press conference last Sunday and CBR was there as the group discussed love scenes, fight scenes, the film's comic roots and actor Oscar Jaenada's eyes.

WC10: The Losers Press Conference

WC10: The Losers Press Conference

Director Sylvain White and actors Chris Evans, Oscar Jaenada, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, and Columbus Short from the upcoming "Losers" film shared their thoughts at WonderCon.

CBR Visits

CBR Visits "The Losers"

Director Sylvain White, actor Columbus Short and others took CBR on a tour of the set for "The Losers," showing us the explosions, foul-mouthed camaraderie and more involved in adapting the acclaimed Vertigo title.

Sylvain White Still Traveling Towards

Sylvain White Still Traveling Towards "Ronin"

Despite the waves caused by the formation of DC Entertainment, director Sylvain White confirms for CBR News that Frank Miller's "Ronin" is still coming to the big screen - just not panel for panel.