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First "Selfless" Trailer Warns "Immortality Has Some Side Effects"

The first trailer for new sci-fi film "Selfless" sees Ben Kingsley's mind in Ryan Reynolds' body, and it doesn't go completely smoothly.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "Mirror Mirror"

In "Mirror Mirror," director Tarsem Singh revels in jaw-dropping set pieces and over-the-top costume designs while eliciting entertaining performances from Julia Roberts and breakout star Lily Collins.



While Tarsem Singh's "Immortals" is gorgeous, filled with gold-armored warriors, sweeping vistas and Greek gods in impossible headpieces, the film stumbles as the story gets in the way of the adrenaline-pumping action


CCI: "Immortals" Panel

The cast and crew of "Immortals - including future Man of Steel Henry Cavill - discussed the upcoming fantasy-action film that takes the Greek hero Theseus on a journey only director Tarsem Singh could envision

CCI: The Gritty Gods of Archaia's

CCI: The Gritty Gods of Archaia's "Immortals"

This September, Archaia releases "Immortals: Gods and Heroes," a companion anthology to the upcoming film by Tarsem Singh, and the creators were on hand at CCI to talk about the book.

WC11: Collins, Singh Talk

WC11: Collins, Singh Talk "Snow White"

Star Lily Collins and director Tarsem Singh spoke with the press at WonderCon, sharing the first details on Relativity Media's upcoming retelling of "Snow White." SPINOFF has the details.