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REVIEW: Telltale Raises the Bar With

REVIEW: Telltale Raises the Bar With "The Walking Dead: A House Divided"

The second episode of Telltale's sophomore "The Walking Dead" game is a masterpiece in adaptive storytelling.

REVIEW: Telltale's

REVIEW: Telltale's "Wolf Among Us" Episode Two Wins Again

Telltale continues its incredible winning streak with the second episode of "The Wolf Among Us," "Smoke and Mirrors," adding a new section to "Fables" mythology.

REVIEW: Telltale's

REVIEW: Telltale's "The Walking Dead" Season 2: "All That Remains"

Telltale Games delivers another masterful adaptation of "The Walking Dead" with its Season Two premiere, "All That Remains."

Clementine Continues Survival In

Clementine Continues Survival In "The Walking Dead" Game Season Two Trailer

Telltale Games has released the newest trailer for its anticipated "The Walking Dead" season two debut episode, "All That Remains."

PRESS RELEASE: Telltale's "The Walking Dead" Game of the Year Edition Now Available

Telltale Reveals

Telltale Reveals "The Walking Dead: Season Two" Details

Telltale Games has announced the return of its acclaimed "The Walking Dead" video game, giving players control of Clementine for the season two.

REVIEW: Telltale's

REVIEW: Telltale's "The Wolf Among Us" Episode One Impresses

The debut episode of Telltale Game's "Fables" video game, "The Wolf Among Us," continues the studio's impressive tradition of comic book video games.

Telltale Debuts

Telltale Debuts "The Wolf Among Us" Launch Trailer

Telltale Games has released the launch trailer to "The Wolf Among Us," the studio's highly anticipated game based on Bill Willingham's "Fables." The game's first episode launches October 11.

PAX PRIME: Telltale Brings

PAX PRIME: Telltale Brings "Fables" To Video Games With "The Wolf Among Us"

"The Wolf Among Us" director Dennis Lenart discusses the upcoming "Fables"-themed adventure game and creating the anticipated video game prequel to the long-running Vertigo Comics series.

PAX PRIME: Hands-On With Telltale's

PAX PRIME: Hands-On With Telltale's "The Wolf Among Us"

Telltale Games puts "The Wolf Among Us" in the hands of PAX Prime 2013 fans, bringing an incredible attention to the "Fables" source material for an truly satisfying gaming experience.

First Trailer Released for

First Trailer Released for "Fables" Game "The Wolf Among Us"

Telltale has released the Bigby Wolf-centric first trailer for "Fables"-inspired point-and-click game "The Wolf Among Us," expected later this year.

SDCC: Robert Kirkman, Telltale Games Spill Secrets of

SDCC: Robert Kirkman, Telltale Games Spill Secrets of "The Walking Dead"

Co-creator Robert Kirkman and the team behind Telltale Games' popular "Walking Dead" video game discussed the challenges in adapting the franchise and what lies ahead in Season 2.

Telltale Releases

Telltale Releases "The Walking Dead: 400 Days" Launch Trailer

Telltale Games has released a launch trailer for its "400 Days' downloadable content for the critically acclaimed "The Walking Dead" video game, hitting digital distribution this week.

VIDEO: Telltale Games Announces

VIDEO: Telltale Games Announces "Walking Dead: 400 Days" DLC

Video game publisher Telltale Games has released an announce trailer, screenshots and details for "The Walking Dead: 400 Days," a DLC update for its game based in the universe of Robert Kirkman's hit zombie comic.

New Details On

New Details On "The Wolf Among Us" "Fables" Video Game

A recent feature in Game Informer magazine reveals new screenshots and details for "The Wolf Among Us," Telltale Games' upcoming video game based on the "Fables" Vertigo Comics series.

PRESS RELEASE: Telltale & DC Entertainment Announce "Wolf Among Us" Game Based on "Fables"


Telltale's "Fables" Game Is "The Wolf Among Us"

Telltale Games, the studio behind "The Walking Dead" game, has revealed "The Wolf Among Us," the final title for its "Fables" game that focuses on Bigby Wolf.

Telltale CEO Teases

Telltale CEO Teases "The Walking Dead" Sequel, "Fables"

In a recent interview, Telltale Games co-founder and CEO Dan Connors discussed future plans for the second season of "The Walking Dead" game and gave a brief update on the status of the studio's "Fables" game.

Telltale Games Shuffles Into 2013 With More

Telltale Games Shuffles Into 2013 With More "Walking Dead"

Telltale Games Exec. Producer Kevin Boyle discusses the many accolades for "The Walking Dead," the challenge in creating a new aspect of Robert Kirkman's zombie franchise and what to expect from Season 2.

Telltale Games'

Telltale Games' "Walking Dead" Named Spike TV's Game of the Year

Telltale Games' adaptation of Robert Kirkman's Image Comics title scored big at the annual Spike Video Game awards, taking home Game of the Year honors, Studio of the Year and more.


Telltale's "The Walking Dead" is "Starved for Help"

This week sees the release of Telltale Games' second chapter of its five-part episodic "The Walking Dead" video game, "Starved For Help" on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC. CBR has the breakdown and new trailer.

Telltale's First

Telltale's First "Walking Dead" Game Episode Sells Over One Million Units

Telltale Games' video game take on Robert Kirkman's comic book series is an imminent success, selling over one million units of the first episode and paves the way for episode two.

Hands-On With Telltale Games'

Hands-On With Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead"

Robert Workman gets his hands on Telltale Games' ambitious "Walking Dead" release and provides his first impressions on the game which tells an original story set in the universe of the hit Image Comics title.

Telltale Debuts

Telltale Debuts "The Walking Dead" Launch Trailer

Telltale Games has released the launch trailer showcasing the plot and characters in the episodic "The Walking Dead" video game, available now.

PRESS RELEASE: Telltale Releases Launch Trailer for "The Walking Dead" Video Game Series


First "Walking Dead" Gameplay Trailer Debuts

The first trailer featuring gameplay footage from Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead" debuts, providing a new look at Charlie Adlard's character designs and a sense of the game's atmosphere.

Telltale Debuts Chilling

Telltale Debuts Chilling "Walking Dead" Game Trailer

Telltale Games has premiered a creepy teaser trailer for "The Walking Dead" video game that lacks any gameplay footage but makes up for it with a sense of dread and helplessness reminiscent of the comic and TV show.

Telltale Games' Future Brightens With

Telltale Games' Future Brightens With "The Walking Dead" and "Fables"

Telltale Games co-founder and CEO Dan Connors reveals details the company's big push for games based on Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" and Bill Willingham's "Fables" for 2012.

Telltale Games Announces New

Telltale Games Announces New "The Walking Dead" Website & Screenshots

Telltale Games has released new information for its upcoming point-and-click adventure based on "The Walking Dead" including an updated website, new screenshots and behind-the-scenes online talk show.

First Look:

First Look: "The Walking Dead" Video Game

Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" gets the video game treatment thanks to Telltale Games, and CBR News has screenshots and details on the game's original story.


Telltale's "The Walking Dead" Rises at E3

While Telltale Games' "The Walking dead" video game adaptation features a new protagonist and follows a different timeline than the comic and television series, it remains true to Robert Kirkman's vision.

Telltale Talks

Telltale Talks "Walking Dead," "Fables" Games

Telltale Games has announced video games based on Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead," Bill Willingham's "Fables," and more. CBR spoke with some of the minds behind the digital-first games publisher for more details.

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