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WC: "Terminator: Salvation"

McG unveiled the world premiere of a new trailer for Terminator: Salvation at WonderCon (debuting in front of "Watchmen" this week), revealing a character who believes himself human, but may be mistaken...

Friedman on Programming TV's Terminator

Friedman on Programming TV's Terminator

Executive Producer Josh Friedman talks "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," Shirley Manson, the new Terminator movies, and Fox's reputation with genre fans.

CCI: Terminator - Salvation

CCI: Terminator - Salvation

Director McG and the cast of "Terminator: Salvation" gave fans at Comic-Con International a taste of a bleak future with an exhaustive Q&A and presentation of new footage from the Christian Bale-starring film.

CCI: IDW nabs

CCI: IDW nabs "Terminator: Salvation"

IDW' Publishing's Chris Ryall and writers Jeff Mariotte and Dara Naraghi talk to CBR News about acquiring the comic book license for "Terminator: Salvation," with a new prelude miniseries and adaptation on the way.