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Lemire Supersizes Ray Palmer in

Lemire Supersizes Ray Palmer in "Giant-Size Atom"

Writer Jeff Lemire's first foray into superhero comics comes to an end next week with "Giant-Sized Atom" and CBR News spoke with him about what's in store for the DCU's resident go-to science guy.

Lemire Checks Up on

Lemire Checks Up on "Sweet Tooth"

With "Sweet Tooth" Vol. 2 in stores this week, CBR News checked in with writer/artist Jeff Lemire to see what lies ahead for the nine-year old boy with antlers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Talking Comics With Jeff Lemire

Talking Comics With Jeff Lemire

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with Jeff Lemire about his plans while working on DC Comics' Atom and Superboy, the future of "Sweet Tooth," his writing and plotting techniques and much more.


PREVIEW: "Brightest Day: The Atom Special"

DC Comics has released a preview of this week's "Brightest Day: The Atom Special" featuring a story by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mahmud Asrar with a cover by Gary Frank. The comic hits stores Thursday, July 8.

Jeff Lemire Goes DC Exclusive

Jeff Lemire Goes DC Exclusive

Jeff Lemire spoke with CBR about his exclusive deal with DC Comics, sharing details on why the time was right for this type of an arrangement, why he's so excited about co-writing "Adventure Comics" and more.

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