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Meltzer "Lies" to Reveal Truth

On tour in support of his latest thriller, "The Book of Lies," novelist and comics scribe Brad Meltzer fights for Superman's legacy and teases his new TV show on a stop in MIchigan, and CBR News was there.

Meltzer Opens

Meltzer Opens "The Book of Lies"

Bestselling novelist Brad Meltzer talks about his latest novel, "The Book of Lies," and tells us what the world's oldest villain -- Cain -- and world's greatest superhero -- Superman -- have in common.


Meltzer's "The Book of Lies" Trailer

Brad Meltzer has provided CBR with the trailer for his upcoming novel “The Book of Lies,” which has comic ties you might expect - but what those are will surprise you. With appearances by Whedon, Lindeloff, Hitchens and more.

Meltzer Bridges Final Crisis with “Last Will and Testament”

Meltzer Bridges Final Crisis with “Last Will and Testament”

Best-selling novelist and comics writer Brad Meltzer discusses “DC Universe: Last Will and Testament,” the “Final Crisis” tie-in one-shot that sees DC's heroes on "the last night before the battle that will end it all."