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Nocenti Faces off with

Nocenti Faces off with "Joker's Daughter" for DC's Villains Month

Veteran comic book creator Ann Nocenti, currently writing the monthly adventures of "Catwoman" and "Katana," discusses her DC Comics' Villains Month one-shots featuring the Joker's Daughter and The Creeper.

Nocenti On True Evil,

Nocenti On True Evil, "Creeper" and "Joker's Daughter"

Writer Ann Nocenti discusses her DC Villains Month books "The Creeper" & "Joker's Daughter" with CBR News, the link between the Joker's Daughter and Kate Moss and how she defines true evil.

DC's April Releases are

DC's April Releases are "WTF Certified"

A new logo for DC's upcoming April publishing initiative marks the issues of the New 52 officially "WTF Certified," with teased appearances by Booster Gold, the Creeper, the New Gods and more.