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"Arrow" and "Flash" Go Retro with Funko ReAction Figures

Arrow, Black Canary, Flash and Captain Cold are among several characters featured in Funko's latest figure lineup.


COMIC REEL: "Suicide Squad" Rumor Teases Waller's Trophy Case; "Avengers" Clip Hints At Hawkeye's Importance

A rumor states that Viola Davis' Amanda Waller may have run into superheroes before; Downey Jr. talks Hawkeye's increased role and more.

Oliver Queen Becomes Public Enemy Number One In New

Oliver Queen Becomes Public Enemy Number One In New "Arrow" Promo

Detective Lance goes on the hunt while Ra's al Ghul waits for an answer in the trailer for "Arrow's" next episode.

"Arrow" Recap: Atom Vs Arrow And Suicide Squad Vs Domestic Bliss

In "Suicidal Tendencies," the Suicide Squad goes on a reunion tour while the Arrow and the Atom have their first explosive encounter.


New "Arrow" Clip Sets Up Arrow/Atom Showdown

Ray Palmer makes a statement and declares war against the Arrow in a new "Suicidal Tendencies" clip.

"Arrow's" Diggle Talks New Suicide Squad Mission, Marriage & League of Assassins

David Ramsey discusses Diggle's marital status, his evolving views on the Suicide Squad and being targeted by Ra's al Ghul.


COMIC REEL: "Suicide Squad" Rumors Emerge Regarding Smith's Deadshot; "Gotham" Teases Ventimiglia Debut

Fanart puts Will Smith in Deadshot's mask; "Heroes" vet Milo Ventimiglia will appear in "Gotham's" return episode and more.

Jim Beaver Returns to

Jim Beaver Returns to "Supernatural"

The actor, who played fan favorite character Bobby Singer for seven seasons, will appear in the April 1st episode "Inside Man."

The Snart Siblings Make a Gamble in New

The Snart Siblings Make a Gamble in New "The Flash" Clip

In this clip from "Rogue Time," Lisa Snart arrives with some deadly technology of her own.

COMIC REEL: Johnson Says No To Double Duty In

COMIC REEL: Johnson Says No To Double Duty In "Shazam"; Marvel Auditioning Teens For Spider-Man

Dwayne Johnson gives an update on "Shazam's" script; Marvel may have auditioned "Weeds" actor Mateus Ward for Spider-Man and more.

Peyton List Talks Joining

Peyton List Talks Joining "The Flash's" Rogues as Golden Glider

"The Tomorrow People" veteran discusses "The Flash's" take on the Golden Glider and how she throws everyone off balance.

Lisa Snart Glides onto

Lisa Snart Glides onto "The Flash" in New Clip

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg talks "Rogue Time," which introduces Lisa Snart in a series of new footage.


New "Arrow" Clip Teases Arrow/Atom Showdown

According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the Suicide Squad rides again and Arrow faces off against the Atom in "Suicidal Tendencies."

Liv Finds Her Inner Artist in New

Liv Finds Her Inner Artist in New "iZombie" Clips

In a set of new videos, "iZombie" shows how the brains of a sensual artist impacts Liv's interactions with other people.

EXCLUSIVE: Hamill's Trickster Return Spotlighted in New

EXCLUSIVE: Hamill's Trickster Return Spotlighted in New "Flash" Photos

Mark Hamill and Devon Graye plague the Flash and his father in new, CBR-exclusive images from the upcoming "Tricksters" episode of the CW series.

COMIC REEL: Ward Returns In New

COMIC REEL: Ward Returns In New "SHIELD" Clip; Quesada Namedrops Peter Parker

A pair of clips tease this week's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." ep; Marvel CCO Joe Quesada mentions Peter's name when asked about the new movie and more.

Deathbolt To Menace The Flash Following

Deathbolt To Menace The Flash Following "Arrow" Debut

Doug Jones' metahuman villain will travel to "The Flash" following an appearance in the April 15 episode of "Arrow."


COMIC REEL: "Watchmen's" Haley Rumored For "Suicide Squad"; D'Onofrio Answers "Daredevil" Questions

Jackie Earle Haley is rumored to be up for the role of the Thinker; Vincent D'Onofrio participates in #AskFisk Twitter event and more.

Suicide Squad Rides Again In New

Suicide Squad Rides Again In New "Arrow" Promo

Diggle deals with some deadly wedding crashers in the trailer for "Arrow's" "Suicidal Tendencies" episode.

"Arrow" Recap: Oliver Queen Questions His Mission In "The Offer"

Ollie mulls Ra's Al Ghul's stunning proposition as new the new villain Murmur emerges to take revenge against Starling City's police force.

"The Flash" Cast & EP on This Week's "Heartbreaking" Reverse-Flash Revelations

The latest "Flash" episode was filled with major developments, and EP Andrew Kreisberg, Tom Cavanagh & Candice Patton share spoiler-filled insight.

"Arrow" Cast on Oliver's Demonic Bargain, Ray Palmer's Heroics & Caity Lotz's Return

With the offer for Ollie to succeed Ra's al Ghul on the table, the world of "Arrow" just got even more complicated.

"iZombie" Debut Episode Earns Solid Ratings

The CW's DC-filled Tuesday night lineup of "Flash" and "iZombie" pushed the network up to second place in the key demographic.

COMIC REEL: T.J. Miller Reveals

COMIC REEL: T.J. Miller Reveals "Deadpool" Role; "Lucifer" Actor Gets Recast

The "Silicon Valley" actor hinted he may be playing Weasel in the Merc's movie; Fox's adaptation of the Vertigo drama finds a new Maze and more.

The Flash Gains A Dangerous Ability In

The Flash Gains A Dangerous Ability In "Rogue Time" Trailer

Barry Allen ruptures the time continuum just as Captain Cold and Heat Wave return in the followup to last night's high stakes episode.

"The Flash" Recap: Barry Makes A Quantum Leap In Pivotal "Out Of Time"

Things get very timey-wimey as a new Weather Wizard debuts and shocking secrets about the Reverse Flash are finally revealed.

"iZombie's" Anders Talks Chowing Down on Brains as the Evil Blaine

The "Alias" alum discusses continuing his villainous streak in "iZombie" and what separates the show's zombies from other undead.

"Flash" Cast Promises Major Surprises In Reveal of Reverse-Flash's Agenda

Across the board, the actors on the superhero drama indicate to CBR News that all may not be as it seems in regards to Harrison Wells' dual identity.

"The Flash's" Dominic Purcell Joins "Arrow"/"Flash" Spinoff

Purcell, who played Heat Wave in "The Flash," will star alongside Wentworth Miller, his fellow Rogue Captain Cold, among others.

COMIC REEL: Momoa Sends Marvel A Message; Reynolds Talks

COMIC REEL: Momoa Sends Marvel A Message; Reynolds Talks "Deadpool's" "Devotion" To Canon

Jason Momoa addresses "DC haters" with two words; Ryan Reynolds reveals why he thinks "critical fanboys" will embrace "Deadpool" and more.

Guggenheim Teases Lazarus Pit's

Guggenheim Teases Lazarus Pit's "Arrow" Debut

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals that Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit will play a part in "Arrow's" return episode, "The Offer."

"Flash's" Grant Gustin: There's a Surprise Reverse-Flash Twist Ahead No One's Seen Coming

"The Flash" star reveals to CBR there's a major shocker coming before the season ends that no one -- especially The Flash -- can predict.

Kreisberg Hopes for Full-Fledged Rogues Episode on

Kreisberg Hopes for Full-Fledged Rogues Episode on "The Flash"

With Liam McIntyre in place as the show's new Weather Wizard, EP Andrew Kreisberg says he's hoping for a "real Rogues episode" in the future.

Berlanti Discusses New

Berlanti Discusses New "Flash"/"Arrow" Spinoff Details, Robbie Amell's Absence

Executive producer Greg Berlanti opens up about the upcoming "Flash"/"Arrow" spinoff.

Wells Promises

Wells Promises "The Flash" Will Die In New Trailer For Upcoming Episodes

With the first season of "The Flash" nearing its close, a two-minute clip contains plenty of enticing teases, including a threat from Harrison Wells.

Ra's al Ghul is Coming in New

Ra's al Ghul is Coming in New "Arrow" Trailer

Oliver Queen's day of reckoning approaches in this new "Arrow" trailer that teases the rest of season three.

Spoiler-Filled Panel Reveals

Spoiler-Filled Panel Reveals "The Flash" Speeding Towards Big Changes As Season Finale Draws Near

A report from The CW drama's PaleyFest panel reveals changes in the offing for Iris West, the Reverse Flash and time itself.

COMIC REEL: Kirkman Talks

COMIC REEL: Kirkman Talks "Walking Dead" Spinoff's Timeline; New "Powers" Promo Images Revealed

Robert Kirkman reveals how "Walking Dead's" spinoff will tie into to the hit series; Retro Girl takes the lead in new "Powers" images and more.

"The Flash" Showrunners Say Wally West Could Be Coming Next Season

Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg talk the future of the hit show, plus watch the entire PaleyFest 2015 "Arrow" and "The Flash" panels.


CW's "Arrow"/"Flash" Spinoff, and the Mystery of the Missing Monikers

"The Traveler?" "Female Warrior?" "Mystery Hero?" ROBOT 6 tries to figure out which DC characters we should expect in the new TV series.