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Cassidy Sings About Becoming

Cassidy Sings About Becoming "Arrow's" New Black Canary

After waiting for three seasons to get in on the hit show's action, Katie Cassidy is thrilled to finally assume the role of superhero.


COMIC REEL: "Captain America" Writer Talks Carter's Iron Man Connection; Firth Fights In "Kingsman" Clip

"Civil War" may reveal if Tony Stark ever met Peggy Carter; Colin Firth turns into a "killing machine" in new pub scene and more.

"The Flash" Gets Burned In New "Revenge of The Rogues" Promo

The debut of Heat Wave and the return of Captain Cold highlight next week's new episode of the speedy superhero hit.


New "Arrow" Promo Focuses on Those "Left Behind"

"Arrow" is back next week, and a new minute-long promo shows Starling City in the aftermath of last month's fateful season finale.

"The Flash" Adds "Dexter's" Devon Graye As The New Trickster

The younger counterpart to Mark Hamil's original, Devon Graye will terrorize Central City later this spring on CW's hit.

"iZombie" EP Thomas Gives Zombies Heart and Humanity

"Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas talks pilot details and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" comparisons in The CW's "iZombie," based on the Vertigo comic.


COMIC REEL: "Supergirl's" Feminist Message Revealed; "Avengers" Unleashes New Trailer

CBS' Nina Tassler calls "Supergirl" a "female empowerment" story; the heroes get torn apart in new "Age of Ultron" clip and more.

Tom Cavanagh Talks Playing the Reverse-Flash,

Tom Cavanagh Talks Playing the Reverse-Flash, "Finally"

"The Flash" co-star Tom Cavanagh chats in-depth with CBR News about playing the dual role of Harrison Wells and Reverse-Flash on "The Flash."

"Arrow" Gets "Left Behind" As "The Flash" Faces "Revenge of The Rogues" In New Photos

The returning CW dramas show off characters from the Atom to Heat Wave to Captain Cold as they prepare for next week's episodes.

"Arrow" and "The Flash" Casts and Producers Discuss Diversity, DC vs. Marvel and More

The combined casts and EPs of The CW's DC Comics-based shows talk the impending return of the two shows, and the seasons thus far.

COMIC REEL: Cavill Says

COMIC REEL: Cavill Says "Batman V Superman" Will Be One Film; "Flash's" Firestorm Suit Revealed

Superman himself denies rumors that the team-up film will be split up; the live-action Firestorm suit pays homage to the comics and more.

McIver is a 'Socially Responsible' Member of

McIver is a 'Socially Responsible' Member of "iZombie's" Undead Community

"iZombie" star Rose McIver discusses breathing life into her role as Liv, maintaining a steady diet of brains and dealing with her evil nemesis.

Guggenheim Talks

Guggenheim Talks "Pushing the Envelope" in "Arrow"/"Flash" Animated Spinoff "Vixen"

TV and comics veteran Marc Guggenheim talks to CBR about what "Vixen" brings to the "Arrow"-verse, and taking advantage of the animated format.

Reverse-Flash Identity Confirmed, New Look at Firestorm and

Reverse-Flash Identity Confirmed, New Look at Firestorm and "Atom" Spinoff Talk

Plenty of news emanated from "The Flash" and "Arrow" panel at the TCA press tour, including apparent confirmation of the Reverse-Flash's identity.

DC Comics'

DC Comics' "Vixen" To Star In CW Animated Series Set In "The Flash" and "Arrow"-verse

The CW's animated "Vixen" series will see the DC Comics character's adventures take place in the same world as "Arrow" and "The Flash."

CW Renews

CW Renews "Arrow" and "The Flash," Plus 6 Other Series For Next Year

"The Flash" and "Arrow" are two of the eight series that earned early renewals from The CW.

The CW Announce

The CW Announce "iZombie" Premiere Date And Release Trailer

The television adaptation of Vertigo series "iZombie" gets a release date, plus a new trailer featuring brain-eating Rose McIver's undead Olivia Moore.


COMIC REEL: "LEGO Batman's" Theme Revealed; "Daredevil" Showrunner Defends Affleck

The "LEGO Movie" spinoff will address Batman's constant gloom; Steven S. DeKnight says Affleck got a "bad rap" and more.


New "Arrow" Promo Teases Life After Oliver Queen, Villainous Attacks

The first promo for "Arrow's" the midseason premiere doesn't reveal Oliver Queen's fate, but it does show plenty of villains -- and a shadowy archer.

"The Flash" Speeds Away With People's Choice Award For Best New TV Drama

The hit CW series outpaced "Constantine," "Gotham" and other new television dramas to bring home the trophy.

Evil Threatens To

Evil Threatens To "Take Over The Glades" In Action-Packed "Arrow" Promo

Things heat up for heroes Arsenal and Black Canary in this trailer for "Arrow's" midseason premiere.

COMIC REEL: Rogues Take Over New

COMIC REEL: Rogues Take Over New "Flash" Promos; "Ant-Man" Adds "Frozen" Composer

Captain Cold and Heat Wave team-up to fight the Scarlet Speedster; Christophe Beck will provide the music for the Marvel movie and more.

Liam McIntyre Latest Rogue to Join

Liam McIntyre Latest Rogue to Join "The Flash"

The "Spartacus" star will complete the story of criminal brothers who can control the weather late in The CW hit's first season.

COMIC REEL: McKay, Rudd Earn

COMIC REEL: McKay, Rudd Earn "Ant-Man" Screenplay Credit; James Gunn Performs The Baby Groot Dance

Wright and Cornish maintain a story credit on "Ant-Man"; the man behind the mo-cap brings "Guardians'" dance craze to life and more.

COMIC REEL: Suicide Squad

COMIC REEL: Suicide Squad "Definitely" Returning To "Arrow"; "Avengers" Trinity Appears In New Still

EP Andrew Kreisberg revealed that the elite team will return to Starling City; "Age of Ultron" gets a calm promo image and more.

COMIC REEL: Cumberbatch Says

COMIC REEL: Cumberbatch Says "Doctor Strange" Not A Risk; Is "Amazing Spider-Man 3" Back On?

The "Sherlock" actor opens up about his strange new role; a casting list may reveal the return of the "Amazing" franchise and more.

COMIC REEL: Gemma Atkinson Rumored For

COMIC REEL: Gemma Atkinson Rumored For "Supergirl" Role; New "Agent Carter" Clips Revealed

The British soap star may take flight as Kara Zor-El; Peggy Carter goes to work and hails a cab in new promos and more.

COMIC REEL: Deathstroke Rumored To Have Part In

COMIC REEL: Deathstroke Rumored To Have Part In "Suicide Squad"; "Daredevil" Wraps Production

Harley Quinn rumored to be protagonist for the DC antihero film; Daredevil may don a familiar suit in the upcoming Netflix series and more.

COMIC REEL: Archie CEO Teases

COMIC REEL: Archie CEO Teases "Afterlife" Adaptation; "Gotham" To Cast Robin's Parents

"Gotham" is looking for its John Grayson and Mary Lloyd; Jon Goldwater says "Afterlife With Archie" film or series "will happen" and more.

COMIC REEL: Sony Spreadsheet Disses Spider-Ham;

COMIC REEL: Sony Spreadsheet Disses Spider-Ham; "Flash" Casts Two DC Characters

Spider-Ham and other weird characters won't appear in any Spider-Man film; Lisa Snart and Dante Ramon join the CW show and more.

"Sleepy Hollow's" Nicholas Gonzalez Joins "The Flash"

Actor Nicholas Gonzalez will join "The Flash" as Cisco Ramon's "handsome and charming" older brother, Dante.

"The Tomorrow People's" Peyton List to Join "The Flash"

The CW has cast "The Tomorrow People" alum Peyton List as "The Flash's" Lisa Snart, better known to comic fans as the Golden Glider.


COMIC REEL: "Kingsman" Shows Off New Recruits; Smulders Talks Hill's "Age of Ultron" Role

A new "Kingsman" featurette puts Eggsy through the wringer; Cobie Smulders is pleased to be part of the "Avengers" puzzle and more.

Stephen Amell Teases Lazarus Pit On

Stephen Amell Teases Lazarus Pit On "Arrow"

The "Arrow" actor keeps fans speculating during the winter break by posting fan art on his Facebook page.


COMIC REEL: "Batman V Superman" Avoids Love Triangle; Firestorm Actor Visits "Arrow" Set

Amy Adams reveals Lois and Wonder Woman will not fight for Superman's affection; Stephen Amell hints at possible cameo from cousin Robbie and more.


Can "The Flash" Be a Pacesetter?

ROBOT 6 examines how the new CW drama has found success by not just embracing its comic book roots, but giving them a great big bear hug.


EXCLUSIVE: "Beastmaster" Star Joins "Arrow" as DC's "Creature Commandos" Leader

Veteran genre actor Marc Singer has joined the cast of "Arrow" in a recurring role, as a character with established history in the DC Universe.

COMIC REEL: Amell Teases Firestorm Look;

COMIC REEL: Amell Teases Firestorm Look; "Agent Carter" Releases Premiere Synopses

Firestorm wears a riff on his comic costume in teaser photo; Carter fights to clear Howard Stark's name and more.

Robbie Amell Provides Sneak Peek at

Robbie Amell Provides Sneak Peek at "Flash" Firestorm Costume

With "The Flash" on midseason hiatus, actor Robbie Amell gave fans a taste of how he'll look as Firestorm when the show returns in 2015.


Amell: "Arrow" Is "Bigger Than Any One Character"

Reacting on social media to the "Arrow" midseason finale, Stephen Amell states that the show is "bigger than any one character."