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Guggenheim Talks the

Guggenheim Talks the "Arrow" Season Premiere, and That Shocking Last Scene

"Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim details the happenings of the third season premiere -- including the major surprise at the end.

"Arrow" Recap: "The Calm"

"Arrow" kicks off its third season with a shocking ending, and the arrival of three faces familiar to DC Comics fans.

"Arrow" Brings "The Calm" Before A Stormy Season 3

Images from tonight's premiere set Oliver, Felicity and Ray Palmer on a collision course for The CW's highest rated drama.

COMIC REEL: Downey Confirms, Denies

COMIC REEL: Downey Confirms, Denies "Iron Man 4"; "Flash" Debuts Strong

Robert Downey Jr. backtracks on a new solo film but teases further involvement with Marvel; "The Flash" scores best new series debut for the CW since 2009.

"The Flash" Debut Highest-Rated CW Premiere In Five Years

The scarlet speedster ran away with 4.5 million viewers, besting every CW premiere since "The Vampire Diaries" in 2009.


New "Flash" Promo" Showcases Felicity Smoak, Captain Cold & More

The CW's tease for upcoming "Flash" episodes includes villains Captain Cold and Multiplex in action, and a kiss from Felicity Smoak.

"The Flash" Recap: City of Heroes (and Villains)

With its pilot episode, "The Flash" quickly establishes itself as a fun and hopeful superhero series that embraces its comic-book roots.

First Look at Wentworth Miller as

First Look at Wentworth Miller as "The Flash's" Captain Cold

Geoff Johns has revealed the first look at Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold on The CW's "The Flash" series.

"The Flash" Team Promises "The Most Comic Book Show That's Ever Been Made"

The cast and crew of "The Flash" hint at what's to come in Season 1, including more super-powered character like Firestorm and maybe even Booster Gold.

"The Flash's" Cosnett Is a Perfect Cop - Who May Be Facing a Reversal

Rick Cosnett's seemingly perfect character could have a secret sinister side as Eddie Thawne's comic book genealogy may come into play on television.

Get a Glimpse of Felicity's New Job in

Get a Glimpse of Felicity's New Job in "Arrow" Clip

Oliver asks about Italian food and Felicity has a brand new job in the newest clip from the "Arrow" season three premiere.

New Promo Hypes Extended

New Promo Hypes Extended "Flash" Series Premiere

The CW's latest commercial for "The Flash" promises an additional three minutes of footage in next week's series premiere.

Kreisberg & Sokolowski Talk Bringing Felicity and More TV Touches to

Kreisberg & Sokolowski Talk Bringing Felicity and More TV Touches to "Green Arrow"

Andrew Kreisberg & Ben Sokolowski discuss introducing "Arrow" elements to the DC Universe in their run on the "Green Arrow" comic book.

"Arrow" Teases Surprising Punch-Out In Comic-Style Season 3 Promo

Stephen Amell travels to the Silver Age to settle a score in this detailed mock comic book cover.

CBR TV: Caity Lotz & Emily Bett Rickards Talk

CBR TV: Caity Lotz & Emily Bett Rickards Talk "Arrow" Relationships and Humor

The "Arrow" stars spoke with CBR TV at Comic-Con to discuss bringing comedy to the CW series and tease what's next for Felicity and Oliver.

Expanding The

Expanding The "Arrow"-verse: 5 Spinoffs We Gotta See

We look at five "Arrow" spinoffs we'd like to see after CW President Mark Pedowitz recently hinted that more spinoffs may follow "The Flash."

"Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim Says Oliver Will Get "New Toys" in Season 3

Marc Guggenheim previewed "Arrow" season three on Jonah Weiland's talk radio show, discussing Oliver Queen's new bow, Ra's al Ghul and more.

New Set Photos Offer a Peek Behind Scenes of

New Set Photos Offer a Peek Behind Scenes of "Arrow"/"Flash" Crossover

Stars Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin are showcased in photos from the Vancouver set of their series’ upcoming crossover.

Oliver Queen Gives

Oliver Queen Gives "The Flash" His Mission in New Trailer

The newest trailer for The CW's "The Flash" features more dialogue with Oliver Queen, unseen footage and a mission statement from Harrison Wells.

CW President Says

CW President Says "Discussions" Are In Place for More "Arrow" Spinoffs

CW President Mark Pedowitz says there are "discussions going on" about expanding the "Arrow" universe beyond "The Flash."

Thompson Traverses the

Thompson Traverses the "Spider-Verse" and the "Supernatural"

Writer Robbie Thompson tells CBR about the 10th season of "Supernatural" and introducing a steampunk Spider-Woman in Marvel's "Spider-Verse" #1. UPDATED with Denis Medi art.

The CW Orders Additional

The CW Orders Additional "Flash" Scripts Ahead of Series Premiere

The upcoming superhero drama adds three more potential adventures to its highly anticipated debut season.

2014 Fall TV Guide Pt. 1: New Series

2014 Fall TV Guide Pt. 1: New Series "Gotham," "The Flash" and "Constantine"

With more shows based on comics hitting the small screen than ever before, here's our guide to latest television additions to the DC Universe.

"Arrow" Cast Stands Tall in Season Three Poster

Oliver, Felicity, Laurel, Diggle and Roy get ready to face new threats in The CW's "Arrow" season three promotional poster.

"Arrow" Adds Captain Boomerang to its Rogues Gallery

Nick Tarabay has been cast as Digger Harkness, better known as Captain Boomerang, in the upcoming season of The CW's "Arrow."

Amanda Pays to Reprise 1990

Amanda Pays to Reprise 1990 "Flash" Role on CW's "The Flash"

You read that right: Amanda Pays will play Dr. Tina McGee on The CW's "The Flash," the same role she played in the 1990 CBS "The Flash" series.

Candice Patton Says

Candice Patton Says "The Flash's" Iris West is No Damsel In Distress

The actress promises that the crusading blogger she plays on The CW's new superhero show will be just as heroic as the Scarlet Speedster.

"The Flash" Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg Races Between TV & Comics

After bringing the essence of DC Comics' heroes to TV, prolific writer/producer Andrew Kreisberg brings a touch of their TV iterations to comics.

"Arrow's" Stephen Amell Teases Season Three

Stephen Amell weighs in on the Oliver/Felicity romance, which superhero should visit Starling City and the Arrow's place in the DCU.

Jesse L. Martin's

Jesse L. Martin's "Flash" Role Is So Human, It's 'Almost Superhuman'

The "Law & Order" vet takes on the challenge of being the grounded good guy among "The Flash's" super-fast-paced superhero action.

Berlanti Talks Bringing

Berlanti Talks Bringing "The Flash" Up To Speed, Confirms "Supergirl" TV Development

The showrunner spoke with CBR about juggling DC-to-TV characters, from "The Flash's" Rogues to Superman's cousin to the latest Ra's al Ghul.

CBR TV @ SDCC: Barrowman, Ramsey & Guggenheim on

CBR TV @ SDCC: Barrowman, Ramsey & Guggenheim on "Arrow" Season 3

John Barrowman, David Ramsey & Marc Guggenheim journeyed to the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con to discuss "Arrow" as it heads to its third season.

Matt Nable Cast as Ra's al Ghul on

Matt Nable Cast as Ra's al Ghul on "Arrow"

After being discussed throughout "Arrow" season two, Bat-villain Ra's al Ghul will debut four episodes into season three, played by Matt Nable.

Ray Palmer Makes His

Ray Palmer Makes His "Arrow" Debut in New Trailer

The newest "Arrow" trailer features a first look at Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, a grittier Laurel and Oliver knowing his way around a gun.

Arsenal, Canary Feature in New

Arsenal, Canary Feature in New "Arrow" Season Three Photos

The first look at "Arrow" season three has arrived, with five photos featuring new glimpses of the Arrow, Arsenal, Canary and more.

"Prison Break" Stars to Reunite as Villains on "The Flash"

Dominic Purcell will join his fellow "Prison Break" alum Wentworth Miller on the villains side of "The Flash" as Heat Wave.

Liam Neeson Says He'd Play Ra’s al Ghul on

Liam Neeson Says He'd Play Ra’s al Ghul on "Arrow" "in a Heartbeat"

The actor, who previously played Ra’s al Ghul in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, has said he'd be willing to return to the role on the small screen.

"Supernatural's" Amy Gumenick Joins "Arrow" Season Two

"Supernatural" alum Amy Gumenick has joined "Arrow" season two as Carrie Cutter, better known as Cupid, a villain with an obsessive crush on the Arrow.

"Arrow" Adds Nolan Funk as Felicity's Hacker Ex-Boyfriend

The new season of "Arrow" looks to delve into Felicity's past, including a hacker ex-boyfriend from her college days named Cooper Seldon.

Rila Fukushima Replaces Devon Aoki as

Rila Fukushima Replaces Devon Aoki as "Arrow's" Katana

With Devon Aoki vacating the role due to a scheduling conflict, "The Wolverine's" Rila Fukushima join's "Arrow" as Katana.