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Has "The Walking Dead" Seen the Last of David Morrissey's Governor?

Actor David Morrissey won’t confirm or deny that he’s finished working on the zombie drama, despite the events of the midseason finale.

What to Expect from The Governor's

What to Expect from The Governor's "Walking Dead" Return

Showrunner Scott Gimple and actor David Morrissey tell fans what to expect when the trigger-happy sociopath returns to the hit AMC drama.

"Walking Dead's" David Morrissey Returning As Season 4 Series Regular

Actor David Morrissey, who as The Governor menaced Rick and the other survivors at the Prison throughout Season 3 of "The Walking Dead," will return to the AMC drama in the fall as a series regular.

Adlard Shambles On With

Adlard Shambles On With "The Walking Dead," Readies For "The Passenger"

Charlie Adlard discusses his and Robert Kirkman's non-"Walking Dead" collaboration "The Passenger," the horrific scene he had to be convinced to illustrate and the experience of seeing his creations come to life on TV.

Morrissey, Kirkman Discuss The Rise Of The Governor On

Morrissey, Kirkman Discuss The Rise Of The Governor On "The Walking Dead"

Robert Kirkman and actor David Morrisey discuss the debut of the Governor on AMC's "The Walking Dead," explaining the differences between the TV and comic incarnations and his intentions towards Michonne and Andrea.

Life In Prison: CBR Visits The Set of

Life In Prison: CBR Visits The Set of "The Walking Dead"

Executive Producer and show runner Glen Mazzara takes CBR on a guided tour of Season 3 of AMC's "The Walking Dead," explaining how the survivor's battle for the prison against David Morrisey's The Governor will twist from its comic roots.


EW "Walking Dead" Covers Spotlight Governor, Michonne

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the four covers for this week’s issue featuring some of the stars of "The Walking Dead," part of a sneak peek at the third season of the hit AMC drama.

"The Walking Dead" Comic-Con Poster Boasts Michonne, Rick & Governor

AMC has released the official CCI 2012 poster for The Walking Dead that touts the hit drama’s convention presence while revealing new images of Rick Grimes, Michonne and The Governor.

First Look at The Governor From AMC's

First Look at The Governor From AMC's "The Walking Dead"

AMC has released the first image of English actor David Morrissey as the fan-favorite villain The Governor from the upcoming third season of "The Walking Dead."

"The Walking Dead" Casts David Morrissey as The Governor

David Morrissey, best known to American audiences for his role in "The Doctor Who" episode "The Next Doctor," will play the ruthless Governor in the third season of AMC's "The Walking Dead."