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Heinberg Leads The

Heinberg Leads The "Children's Crusade"

Acclaimed writer Allan Heinberg opens up about the long-awaited return of the Young Avengers in July's "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" in Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" conference call with all-new art from Jim Cheung.

Death of Dracula Damns Marvel's Heroic Age

Death of Dracula Damns Marvel's Heroic Age

Marvel Comics has released a teaser ad declaring, "One Betrayal Damns The Heroic Age" along with the title and solicitation for "Death of Dracula", written by Victor Gischler and illustrated by Guiseppe Camuncoli.


FIRST LOOK: "Fantastic Four" #579

Marvel Comics has given CBR an exclusive new teaser page from "Fantastic Four" # 579, along with the statement "The future of man is not here... it is out there." The issue hits stores May 26, 2010.

Hickman Feels

Hickman Feels "Fantastically" Heroic

Marvel's Heroic Age will bring a whole new set of challenges for it's inhabitants; challenges that the Fantastic Four are ready to meet head on. We spoke with "Fantastic Four" writer Jonathan Hickman about his plans for the series.

Brevoort and Busiek Usher In an

Brevoort and Busiek Usher In an "Age of Heroes"

In May, fans will see how the coming Heroic Age affects both Marvel's biggest heroes and fan favorite characters in the 4 issue anthology "Age of Heroes." We spoke with Tom Brevoort and Kurt Busiek about the mini.

Parker Remaps Marvel's

Parker Remaps Marvel's "Atlas"

This May, Marvel Comics' most eclectic super team is back in the new ongoing series "Atlas." CBR spoke with writer Jeff Parker about his plans for Jimmy Woo and friends now that a new "Heroic Age" is dawning in the Marvel Universe.