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COMIC REEL: Barry Allen Comes To

COMIC REEL: Barry Allen Comes To "Arrow"; Affleck Talks "Man of Steel" Sequel

The first full clip of Barry Allen's "Arrow" appearance hits online; Ben Affleck teases Snyder's take on Batman in "Batman/Superman" & more.


Unmasking "Ultimate Spider-Man" - Enter the Ultimate Spider-Hulk

Cort Lane discusses Hulk and Spidey 's mind swap, setting the groundwork for the upcoming "Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H." series and working with the great Stan Lee in the latest episode of "Ultimate Spider-Man."

Mesmero Mesmerizes the Hulk on

Mesmero Mesmerizes the Hulk on "Ultimate Spider-Man"

In a new clip from the next episode of Disney XD's "Ultimate Spider-Man, Mesmero attempts to take control of the Hulk under S.H.I.E.L.D. supervision, but things quickly go awry.

Oscar-Nominated Jeff White On Bringing

Oscar-Nominated Jeff White On Bringing "The Avengers'' Hulk To Life

"It was a really exciting and difficult process creating the Hulk, but one of our favorite challenges," Jeff White told CBR of his experience working with ILM on "The Avengers'" Oscar-nominated visual effects.


RUMOR: "Planet Hulk" Key to Marvel's Phase Three Plans

A new report contends the Hulk will be launched into space by the end of "The Avengers" sequel, setting up the character's third solo movie, an adaptation of the 2006-2007 Marvel comic-book storyline "Planet Hulk."

Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, Thor 2: May 16th Comic Reel

Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, Thor 2: May 16th Comic Reel

Marc Webb talks "Amazing Spider-Man" inspiration! Noomi Rapace stars in a new "Prometheus" viral video! Chris Hemsworth expounds on Loki and Thor's relationship in "Thor 2!" Plus, "The Avengers" and more!

"Incredible Hulk" Stays Angry with Jason Aaron

We spoke with "Incredible Hulk" writer Jason Aaron about the series' special point one issue that addresses the fatal fall out of his first arc and his second storyline, the guest star-packed, "Stay Angry."

Whedon Plans

Whedon Plans "Fresh" Take on "Avengers" Bruce Banner

"Avengers" director Joss Whedon says he and star Mark Ruffalo used Bill Bixby’s television performance as a template for Bruce Banner, a character who’s busy helping others rather than fixated on curing himself.

Axel-In-Charge - 8/19/2011

Axel-In-Charge - 8/19/2011

Rounding out two major Marvel events, Axel Alonso explains how new titles from "Defenders" to "Wolverine & The X-Men" to "Hulk Vs. Dracula" lead the Marvel U into its "Shattered Heroes" era and beyond.

Marvel's Forgiven Square Off Against the Hulk

Marvel's Forgiven Square Off Against the Hulk

Marvel has officially announced the debut of he Forgiven in the pages of "Fear Itself: Hulk Vs. Dracula" #1 where the team will be tasked with the job of stopping the Worthy-possessed Hulk's rampage.

TEASER: Will Ben Grimm Be Worthy

TEASER: Will Ben Grimm Be Worthy

Marvel wraps the week with another "Fear Itself" teaser as Colossus, Hulk and the Thing all attempt to claim a fifth Mjolnir-like hammer while the question is asked once again, "Who are the worthy?"

Unpacking The Battle To Play Hulk

Unpacking The Battle To Play Hulk

After a war of words broke out across the internet this weekend, one key piece of the upcoming Avengers film is up in the air, and SPINOFF ONLINE has the blow-by-blow details over who will play the Hulk.

Parker & Hardman Hit

Parker & Hardman Hit "The Hulk?"

While it's not yet officially confirmed, the creative team behind "Atlas" may soon be taking the reins of Marvel’s adjectiveless Hulk title, as Jeff Parker shares a special explosive teaser image with ROBOT 6.

CUP O' Q&A: Spider-Man & The Hulk!

CUP O' Q&A: Spider-Man & The Hulk!

In this week’s all-new CUP O’ Q&A, Quesada answers your questions about the return of Mary Jane Watson in “Amazing Spider-Man,” as well as numerous other Spidey and Hulk-related queries.

This Is Your Life: Stan Lee!

This Is Your Life: Stan Lee!

The Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre presents “This is Your Life: Stan Lee!” a send-up of the life & times of the Marvel Comics mastermind. We spoke with comedian Hal Rudnick about the show and his unique interpretation of "The Man."

Chris Yost on “Hulk Vs.”

Chris Yost on “Hulk Vs.”

CBR News wraps up its interviews with the cast and crew of “Hulk Vs.” with a chat with writer Chris Yost. Find out why the Hulk smashes Thor and Wolverine, as well as who might be next in Marvel's line of animated features.

Craig Kyle Talks

Craig Kyle Talks "Hulk Vs."

Animation producer and comics writer Craig Kyle talks in-depth about Marvel's direct-to-DVD animated double-feature, “Hulk Vs.,” as well as the process of writing superheroes for grown-ups, the future of Marvel Animation and much more.


UPDATED EXCLUSIVE: Ron Lim's "Skaar: Son of Hulk" #8 Variant

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Ron Lim's variant cover for "Skaar: Son of Hulk" #8. UPDATED with full color version!

Frank Paur on Directing

Frank Paur on Directing "Hulk Vs."

Frank Paur has worked on projects like "G.I. Joe" and "Batman: The Animated Series," and now on the direct-to-DVD "Hulk Vs." Find out what he had to say about pitting the Green Goliath against Wolverine and Thor.