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Peyton List Talks Joining

Peyton List Talks Joining "The Flash's" Rogues as Golden Glider

"The Tomorrow People" veteran discusses "The Flash's" take on the Golden Glider and how she throws everyone off balance.

"The Tomorrow People's" Jeffrey Pierce on Chaos, Death & The Need For Season 2

Actor Jeffrey Pierce talks with SPINOFF about his character Roger returning from a cryogenic sleep in time for the three-part series finale of The CW sci-fi drama.

"Tomorrow People's" Robbie Amell on "Telling the Story Our Fans Want to See"

As "The Tomorrow People" moves to a new night, star Robbie Amell discusses the season's final arc, and cousin Stephen Amell's Facebook following.

"The Tomorrow People's" Mark Pellegrino on the Art of Playing the Bad Guy

The veteran of "Lost" and "Supernatural" talks with SPINOFF about his villainous role on The CW drama, "The Tomorrow People."

"The Tomorrow People's" Luke Mitchell Unlocks the Mysteries of Ultra

"The Tomorrow People" star Luke Mitchell spoke with SPINOFF about the revelations coming up on tonight's episode of The CW drama.

"Tomorrow People" Creator Promises a Super-Powered Coming-of-Age Tale

Executive Producer Phil Klemmer tells SPINOFF ONLINE how his take on the cult U.K. series "The Tomorrow People" mixes the best of "Veronica Mars" with science fiction to create a compelling coming-of-age drama.