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Alex Ross Lights

Alex Ross Lights "The Torch"

The painter and co-writer behind the miniseries reviving the Golden Age Marvel, Alex Ross talks to CBR News about the villainous stories that set his new take in motion and the secret origin of Toro.

Mike Carey on Reigniting The Torch

Mike Carey on Reigniting The Torch

One of Marvel's original heroes returns in “The Torch,” a miniseries that forces the Golden Ager to confront foes both old & new, as well as lingering questions about his past. CBR spoke with co-writer Mike Carey about the book.


EXCLUSIVE: Alex Ross' "The Torch" #1 Variant

Courtesy of Dynamic Forces, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Alex Ross' variant cover for "The Torch" #1, the first issue of his and Mike Carey's new miniseries starring Marvel's classic Human Torch.