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EXCLUSIVE: Juan Jose Ryp Covers

EXCLUSIVE: Juan Jose Ryp Covers "The Walking Dead Escape" Variant

"The Walking Dead" #1 gets a new cover courtesy of artist Juan Jose Ryp, offered to participants in the upcoming "Walking Dead Escape" tour.

"The Walking Dead Escape" Heads Across America in April

Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead Escape" zombie-themed obstacle course goes on tour beginning April 24.

SDCC: Surviving

SDCC: Surviving "The Walking Dead Escape" with Andhrea Gapunay

Another of CBR's employees, assistant Andhrea Gapunay, pits her wits against the zombie hordes in this year's edition of "The Walking Dead Escape."

PRESS RELEASE: AMC Joins Forces with Skybound & Ruckus Sports for "The Walking Dead" Escape

2012: The Year of the Comic Book Video Game

2012: The Year of the Comic Book Video Game

CBR looks back at one of the most eventful and significant years for comic book video games in recent memory including Telltale's acclaimed "The Walking Dead," the closure of "City of Heroes" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Walking Dead Escape" Partners with Greg Nicotero's KNB EFX