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Universal Chief Unloads on

Universal Chief Unloads on "Cowboys & Aliens," "Wolfman"

Universal Studios President Ron Meyer calls "Cowboys & Aliens" “mediocre” and "The Wolfman" one of “the shittiest movies we put out,” but offered kind words for "Scott Pilgrim."

Hopkins Takes On

Hopkins Takes On "The Wolfman"

Acclaimed actor Anthony Hopkins shared his thoughts with CBR's Jeffrey Renaud on his character in "The Wolfman," how he transformed Sir John Talbot into his own monster and what it's like living with a beard.

del Toro and Blunt on

del Toro and Blunt on "The Wolfman"

Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt share their thoughts on Universal Pictures new "The Wolfman." del Toro explains why putting on the Wolfman makeup is the easy part and Blunt reveals why the movie makes her cry.