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Veitch Corrects

Veitch Corrects "The Big Lie"

Writer/artist Rick Veitch teams with Gary Erskine at Image Comics to tell a time-travel epic on 9/11 recounted by Uncle Sam in "The Big Lie." CBR News spoke with Veitch about the title.

Aragonés Dips Groo into Conan's Cimmeria

Aragonés Dips Groo into Conan's Cimmeria

Legendary creator Sergio Aragonés shared exclusive details about the upcoming Groo/Conan crossover from Dark Horse, the long-rumored Groo movie, "MAD" TV and much more.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Savage Beauty" #1

Courtesy of Moonstone, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Savage Beauty" #1 by writer Mike Bullock and artist Jose Massaroli. The issue, with covers by Thomas Yeates and Dave Hoover, hits stores in February.

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