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Kyle Higgins Takes

Kyle Higgins Takes "Batman Beyond" Into A Solo Finale

After the surprise twists brought by the Phantasm's return, DC's "Batman Beyond" series focuses back on Terry McGinnis for its epic finale.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Gage & Higgins Kick Off Justice Lords

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Gage & Higgins Kick Off Justice Lords "Beyond" Crossover

Writers Christos Gage and Kyle Higgins share an exclusive preview of their upcoming Beyond Universe crossover featuring the Justice Lords!

"Batman," "Justice League Beyond" Comics Get New Creative Teams

DC Comics announced Kyle Higgins & Thony Silas as the new "Batman Beyond" creative team, while Christos Gage & Iban Coello take over "Justice League Beyond" this summer. Plus, the future Batgirl makes her debut.

Bunn Battles Strange Menaces with

Bunn Battles Strange Menaces with "Venom"

CBR News spoke with "Venom" writer Cullen Bunn about Flash Thompson's ongoing battle with strange, infernal and extra-dimensional threats - not to mention what's in store when he moves to Philadelphia.

PREVIEW: Bunn & Silas'

PREVIEW: Bunn & Silas' "Venom" #23

Marvel has released a first look at Thony Silas' art for "Venom" #23 written by Cullen Bunn. Venom faces off against Damien Hellstrom and the Monsters of Evil August 22.

Bunn Goes Solo With

Bunn Goes Solo With "Venom"

Current "Venom" co-writer Cullen Bunn takes over the super-powered espionage title solo when Rick Remender leaves this fall. CBR spoke with Bunn about his plans for the costumed identity of Spider-Man's #1 fan.