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Corson Talks Making Aquaman 'Badass' For

Corson Talks Making Aquaman 'Badass' For "Justice League: Throne of Atlantis"

For his latest direct-to-video film set in the DC Animated Universe, the writer tells CBR why Aquaman is cooler than some viewers might think.

Flash Kills Green Lantern's Love Life In New

Flash Kills Green Lantern's Love Life In New "Throne of Atlantis" Clip

The bond between Barry Allen and Hal Jordan grows in a new clip from the latest DC Universe animated film, "Justice League: Throne of Atlantis."

CBR TV: Animated

CBR TV: Animated "Justice League" Filmmakers Ascend to "Throne of Atlantis"

Producer James Tucker, character designer Phil Bourassa and screenwriter Heath Corson talk about making Aquaman cool in DC's new animated feature.

Lanter Takes the Plunge as Aquaman in

Lanter Takes the Plunge as Aquaman in "Justice League: Throne of Atlantis"

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" actor Matt Lanter talks voicing Aquaman and capturing the King of the Seven Seas' spirit in "Throne of Atlantis."

Behind the Scenes on

Behind the Scenes on "Justice League: Throne of Atlantis"

"Throne of Atlantis" producer James Tucker, screenwriter Heath Corson, and character designer Phil Bourassa discuss the animated Aquaman's rise to power.


REVIEW: "Aquaman" #17

Doug Zawisza gives "Aquaman" #17 4.5 stars, saying Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier's "Throne of Atlantis" epilogue "sets the table and preps adventures to come while addressing all aspects of the character."


REVIEW: "Justice League" #17

Jennifer Cheng gives "Justice League" #17 4 stars, calling Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado's conclusion to "Throne of Atlantis" "a strong finale with suspense from its emotional punches and serious consequences."


REVIEW: "Aquaman" #16

Doug Zawisza gives "Aquaman" #16 by Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier 4.5 stars, saying the creative team "collaborates nicely to fill each panel, regardless of orientation, with action, character and detail."


FIRST LOOK: "Throne of Atlantis" Leads To "Aquaman" #17

When the "Justice League" crossover "Throne of Atlantis" ends, there's still more underwater action for "Aquaman" and DC Comics shows off new Paul Pelletier art from issue #17 introducing Murk and the Sea Devils.


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Throne of Atlantis" Continues in "Aquaman" #16

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Aquaman" #16, a "Throne of Atlantis" tie-in by Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier. The monstrous Trench force Aquaman to make an impossible choice January 30.

"Justice League" Brings its A-Game to "Throne of Atlantis"

ROBOT 6's Tom Bondurant dives into the "Justice League" & "Aquaman" crossover, noting "Geoff Johns always starts strong and 'Throne of Atlantis' is no exception."


REVIEW: "Justice League" #15

Doug Zawisza gives "Justice League" #15 4.5 stars, calling the first "Throne of Atlantis" issue by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado "exactly what Justice League titles should deliver."

Commentary Track: Paul Pelletier On

Commentary Track: Paul Pelletier On "Aquaman" #15

The new artist behind "Aquaman's" adventures dives into his half of "Throne of Atlantis," and Paul Pelletier explains how he's following Ivan Reis while making his mark on the Justice League, Darkseid and more.

Geoff Johns Redefines

Geoff Johns Redefines "Justice League" With "Throne of Atlantis"

As Ivan Reis and Joe Prado join DC's "Justice League" for the "Throne of Atlantis" crossover, Geoff Johns describes his long term plans for Aquaman, Cyborg and Superman and Wonder Woman's romance.


PREVIEW: "Throne of Atlantis" Begins in "Justice League" #15

DC Comics has released a preview of "Justice League" #15 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, featuring variant covers by Jim Lee and Billy Tucci. The "Throne of Atlantis" crossover begins December 26.

Geoff Johns &

Geoff Johns & "Justice League" Reach Aquaman's "Throne Of Atlantis"

Under writer Geoff Johns, two of DC Comics best-selling franchises go to war with an underwater nation, as the CCO explains how "Aquaman" and "Justice League" both stand to change from Ocean Master's "Throne of Atlantis."

Johns and Reis Discuss

Johns and Reis Discuss "Justice League," Superman and Wonder Woman

DC Comics writer and CCO Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis spoke with CBR about "Justice League," the Wonder Woman/Superman relationship, the new Green Lantern and what lies ahead for Aquaman in 2013.

NYCC: Paul Pelletier Dives Into

NYCC: Paul Pelletier Dives Into "Aquaman"

Just in time for the incoming "Throne of Atlantis" crossover with "Justice League," Paul Pelletier returns to DC Comics to draw "Aquaman." The artist assured CBR: He's ready for Geoff Johns' master plan.

Johns, Reis and Prado Bring Aquaman to the

Johns, Reis and Prado Bring Aquaman to the "Throne of Atlantis"

New details for Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado's upcoming "Throne of Atlantis" crossover between "Aquaman" and "Justice League" have surfaced including a redesign of Atlantis and Ocean Master.