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THE BAT SIGNAL: Lobdell, "Red Hood" & "Teen Titans" Face "Death Of The Family"

"Red Hood And The Outlaws" and "Teen Titans" bard Scott Lobdell waxes Shakespearian about the imminent Jason/Joker confrontation, Batgirl meeting the TItans and Tim Drake's role in "Death of the Family."

EXCLUSIVE: Lobdell Discusses

EXCLUSIVE: Lobdell Discusses "Teen Titans" #0 Revelations About Tim Drake's Past

Scott Lobdell spoke with CBR News about the major changes to Tim Drake's back story in this week's "Teen Titans" #0, which detailed the origin of the Titans' leader and one-time Batman sidekick.


EXCLUSIVE: WB Reveals "LEGO Batman 2" Robin's Stats, Abilities

Warner Bros. Interactive has provided CBR News with the exclusive first look at the stats and abilities for "LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes'" Robin the Boy Wonder, Tim Drake's latest LEGO games outing.

"Batman: Arkham City" Collector's Edition Details Leak

Details about the Collector's Edition of the "Batman: Arkham City" have begun to surface, with full details expected to hit during Comic-Con.

"Batman: Arkham City's" Robin Officialy Unveiled

Tim Drake makes his official contemporary game debut as Robin in WB Games' upcoming "Arkham Asylum" sequel "Arkham City," thanks to a package offered exclusively through Best Buy pre-orders.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

Fabian Nicieza drops in on CBR's THE BAT SIGNAL to discuss his plans for the next arc of "Red Robin," "Seven Days of Death," the character's approach to crime fighting and his approach to Tim Drake.

Tim Drake: The First Fanboy Superhero

Tim Drake: The First Fanboy Superhero

CSBG takes a look at the origin of the third Robin, Tim Drake, and in the process discovers some interesting comparisons between the character and online comic book fans.


PREVIEW: "Red Robin" #19

DC Comics has released a preview of "Red Robin" #19 by writer Fabian Nicieza with art and cover by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy. Red Robin falls into the world of the Unternet Wednesday, January 12.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

"Red Robin" writer Fabian Nicieza spoke with CBR about his continued stay in the Batman Universe as "Batman Incorporated" begins and Tim Drake rises back to his place in the Bat-Family, deals with women troubles and more.

Sable Opens the

Sable Opens the "Cold Case"

Writer Mark Sable spoke with CBR News about his upcoming one-shot pitting the Teen Titans against Flash's Rogues Gallery for the first time in a previously untold tale tied to "Identity Crisis."

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

This week, learn the secret origin of...Squirrel Girl?!!? Plus, discover the untold tale of how Tim Drake almost became...Blue Beetle?!? Find out the full story in the latest edition of CBLR!

Yost Wraps His

Yost Wraps His "Red Robin" Run

Writer Christopher Yost shared his thoughts with CBR about the stunning conclusion of his year-long "Red Robin" storyline, the development of the character of Tim Drake and his own departure from the series.