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"Heroes Reborn" Is Still a Few Months Away From Production

Creator Tim Kring says the revival of the superpowers drama is staffed up, but probably won’t debut on NBC until at least summer.

Zachary Levi to Star in

Zachary Levi to Star in "Heroes Reborn"

The "Chuck" star will play a “key role” in NBC’s 13-episode revival of Tim Kring’s superpower drama.

SDCC: Cast and Crew Uncover the Mystery of USA Network’s

SDCC: Cast and Crew Uncover the Mystery of USA Network’s "Dig"

With Jason Isaacs appearing via Skype from Israel, the creators and stars of the upcoming miniseries introduced Comic-Con to a conspiracy 2,000 years in the making.

NBC Will Revive

NBC Will Revive "Heroes" in 2015

Tim Kring's superhero television show will return as "Heroes: Reborn," a 13-episode miniseries, while NBC teases the possible return of some of the original cast.

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Dynamite & Cullen Bunn Resurrect NBC's

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Dynamite & Cullen Bunn Resurrect NBC's "Heroes"

The ordinary people with extraordinary powers from NBC's "Heroes" return in a new series from Dynamite. Writer Cullen Bunn spoke with CBR exclusively about the huge twist which gets the story rolling.

"Touch" Creator Tim Kring Teases Big Changes for Second Season

"Touch" creator Tim Kring and executive producer Carol Barbee discuss significant changes for the drama, including a new setting, additional cast members and a darker tone.

CBR TV: Tim Kring

CBR TV: Tim Kring

"Heroes" creator Tim Kring spoke with CBR TV about his new trilogy of novels, "Gate of Orpheus," the ways in which modern technology has affected television as a whole and "Heroes" specifically and much more.

CCI: Tim Kring

CCI: Tim Kring "Shifts" From TV To Novels

At Comic-Con International, "Heroes" star Zachary Quinto moderated a panel for the television show's creator, Tim Kring, and his new novel, a historical thriller entitled "Shift."

Tim Kring Responds to

Tim Kring Responds to "Heroes" Cancellation

Series creator Tim Kring has responded to NBC's cancellation announcement for "Heroes" with a statement that indicates that he has hopes for the continuation of the show with the network. SPINOFF has the details.

CCI: Heroes

CCI: Heroes

The cast and crew of “Heroes” swung by Comic-Con International in San Diego with some very special guest stars to answer fans' questions and preview clips from the new season. Plus, they took us on a trip to the circus!

Tim Kring Talks

Tim Kring Talks "Heroes" History

"Heroes" and "Crossing Jordan" creator Tim Kring educated the audience at last Saturday's Screenwriter’s Expo on the process of creating a television show, managing the writing, and the constraints of the serialized format.

Tim Kring Talks Heroes: Villains

Tim Kring Talks Heroes: Villains

Tim Kring, the creator and executive producer of NBC's fan-favorite show, "Heroes," talks about the new season, "Volume Three: Villains," the casualties of the Writers Strike and his role in Zachary Quinto becoming Spock.


CCI: "Heroes: Villains" Panel

Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale and series creator Tim Kring were joined by the entire cast of the hit NBC show, "Heroes" with a special surprise for fans at this year's edition of the "Heroes" panel at CCI