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Marvel Announces Final Issues Of

Marvel Announces Final Issues Of "Avengers" And "New Avengers"

Jonathan Hickman's Avengers opus will conclude as time runs out for Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

"Darth Vader" Arrives, "Spider-Verse" Concludes in Marvel's February 2015 Solicitations

The world's most famous Sith's solo series debuts, "Black Vortex" explodes, "Spider-Gwen" goes solo and "Spider-Verse" wraps in February.

NYCC: Marvel Announces New

NYCC: Marvel Announces New "Secret Wars" By Hickman & Ribic in 2015

Marvel has revealed what "Time Runs Out" has been leading to: a new "Secret Wars" event by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic.

Hickman & Brevoort Take

Hickman & Brevoort Take "Avengers" Eight Months into the Future

Jonathan Hickman & Tom Brevoort discuss "Time Runs Out," the current "Avengers" storyline that jumps ahead eight months to a very different Marvel U.

Axel-In-Charge - 9/19/2014

Axel-In-Charge - 9/19/2014

Axel Alonso returns to discuss how humor is an integral part of the Marvel formula, the eight-month time jump in "Avengers" and more.


PREVIEW: "Time Runs Out" in "New Avengers" #24

A new cabal rises as the Marvel U reaches the end of the line in the oversized "New Avengers" #24 by Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti.


EXCLUSIVE: "Time Runs Out for The Avengers in Alessio's Variant Covers

"Time Runs Out" for both "Avengers" and "New Avengers" this September, and CBR has the first look at variant covers by Agustin Alessio.

"Time Runs Out" on the Avengers' Future

Jonathan Hickman's "Avengers" titles will jump eight months into the future this September and CBR spoke to editor Tom Brevoort about "Time Runs Out."


Hickman's "Avengers" & "New Avengers" Jump Ahead to the Final Incursion in September

Jonathan Hickman's "Avengers" #35 & "New Avengers" #24 are headed for an eight month time jump for a double-sized beginning of the end game.