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PREVIEW: "Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol" #2

Titan Comics has released a preview of Stuart Jennett's "Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol" #2. As Sarge mounts a recovery mission into the past, the Nazis continue their efforts to weaponize dinosaurs August 14.

Pete Maresca Restores Alex Raymond's

Pete Maresca Restores Alex Raymond's "Flash Gordon"

Eisner Award-winning publisher and designer Pete Maresca spoke with CBR about teaming up with Titan Books to produce a new restoration of Alex Raymond's "Flash Gordon."

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Revives Claremont & Bolton's "Marada The She-Wolf"


ADVANCE REVIEW: Spurrier's "Numbercruncher" #1

Greg McElhatton gives "Numbercruncher" #1 written by Si Spurrier with art by PJ Holden 4 stars, calling the Titan Comics debut issue "inventive, unpredictable and engaging." The book hits stores July 10.

Shy & Edginton's

Shy & Edginton's "Dead Space: Liberation" Leads to "Dead Space 3"

Artist Christopher Shy discusses "Dead Space: Liberation," an OGN written by Ian Edginton which leads hero John Carver directly in to the story of the highly anticipated "Dead Space 3" game.

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Comics Announces New Publishing Partnership

Walt Simonson Reflects on

Walt Simonson Reflects on "Alien: The Illustrated Story"

Walt Simonson discusses "one of the best experiences of his career" in adapting "Alien," what got left on the film's cutting room floor but made it into the comic and more on the eve of the book's 30th anniversary re-issue.

PRESS RELEASE: David Morrissey's The Governor Interview Highlights "Walking Dead" Magazine #2

PRESS RELEASE: Gorillaz Jamie Hewlett & Alan Martin's Original Tank Girl Stories Now Available Digitally

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Books to Publish "The Dark Knight Rises" Novelization


REVIEW: "Lenore" #5

James Hunt gives "Lenore" #5 4.5 stars calling creator Roman Dirge "hugely accomplished as an illustrator with a brilliant sense of comic timing and a keen eye for coloring."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Roman Dirge's "Lenore" #5

Titan has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of Roman Dirge's "Lenore" #5. Discover the second chapter of "Wrath of the Creepig" on March 28.

Courtney Taylor-Taylor Reconstructs

Courtney Taylor-Taylor Reconstructs "One Model Nation"

Dandy Warhols' frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor discusses the upcoming reprint of "One Model Nation" from Titan Books and the process of revisiting the historical period of the Baader-Meinhof Gang.

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Books Announces Simon & Kirby Sci-Fi & Horror Titles


EXCL. PREVIEW: "The Art of Roman Dirge"

Titan Books has provided CBR News with an exclusive look inside the covers of "Taxidermied - The Art of Roman Dirge," a new hardcover collection featuring unseen art from the mind of the creator of "Lenore."

Ross, Edwards Celebrate

Ross, Edwards Celebrate "Turf" Collection, Discuss Potential Adaptation

Creators Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards celebrated the hardcover collection of "Turf" at a signing in London where they teased a sequel, discussed the possibility of a movie adaptation and more.

What We Can Learn from Jim Lee's

What We Can Learn from Jim Lee's "Icons" Art Book

ROBOT 6 looks back at Titan Books' "Icons" spotlight tome as DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee's character redesigns hit the streets as part of the DC relaunch.

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Books To Publish the Definitive Flash Gordon Library

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Books to Distribute Avatar Press in the UK

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Books Announces Offerings for Comic-Con International

Joe Simon Looks At

Joe Simon Looks At "My Life in Comics"

The legendary co-creator of Captain America Joe Simon spoke with CBR News about his new memoir "My Life in Comics," the influence of Damon Runyon on his work, working with Kirby and smoking a good cigar.


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Fighting American"

To celebrate the release of their 200-page "Fighting American" collection, Titan Books has given CBR an exclusive and complete 8-page story by FA creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

EXCLUSIVE: Full Story from

EXCLUSIVE: Full Story from "Mega City Masters"

Courtesy of Rebellion, CBR exclusively presents John Wagner and Trevor Hairsine's complete "No More Jimmy Deans" story from "Mega City Masters" #3. Featuring an Eric Powell cover, the book is in stores today.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: James Bond Omnibus" Vol. 2

Courtesy of Titan Books, CBR presents an exclusive preview of Ian Fleming's "The James Bond Omnibus, Volume 2." The collection is scheduled to hit stores this week!

PRESS RELEASE: "Jim Lee: Icons" NYCC Exclusive Now Available Worldwide

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Lee Signs at Midtown Comics Downtown on 12/19


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Lenore: Cooties"

Courtesy of Titan Books, CBR presents an exclusive preview of the color edition of "Lenore: Cooties" by creator Roman Dirge. Featuring a foreword by Neil Gaiman, catch "Cooties" in stores November 30.


PREVIEW: "Icons: The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee"

Titan Books has provided CBR with a preview of "Icons: The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee" including pages exclusive to CBR. "Icons" hits stores November 2.


Free "Simon & Kirby Superheroes"

Courtesy of Titan Books, CBR presents two classic tales from the pens of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby: commie-smashing adventures of Lancelot Strong and a long lost tale of Stuntman from the new collection hitting stores today.

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Books Announces NYCC Plans

PRESS RELEASE: "Tank Girl" Exclusive: Tank Girl & Booga Split

Read the Full Issue:

Read the Full Issue: "Tank Girl: Skidmarks"

In advance of the release of the "Tank Girl: Skidmarks" collection, Titan Books has given CBR the full first issue of Alan Martin and Rufus Daglo's miniseries exclusively. The collection hist stores Tuesday, August 24.

PRESS RELEASE: New Titan Books Website Launches

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Books Announces SDCC 2010 Plans


PREVIEW: "Icons: The DC Comics and Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee"

Courtesy of Titan Books, CBR presents an exclusive sneak peek at pages from the publisher's upcoming "Art of Jim Lee" hardcover focusing on the artist's Wildstorm and DC Comics work.

PRESS RELEASE: "Modesty Blaise" Creator Passes Away


FIRST LOOK: "Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie"

Courtesy of Titan Books, CBR presents an exclusive first look at "Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie," a behind-the-scenes look at the genesis of "Kick-Ass," with never before seen notes, artwork and more.

Titan Publishing To Launch WWE Comics

Titan Publishing To Launch WWE Comics

The UK comics publisher and the longtime professional wrestling powerhouse team up in 2010 for a new line of comics starring wrestlers from Triple H to Matt Hardy in an action hero setting


PREVIEW: "Lenore: Noogies"

Titan Books, has provided CBR with before and after examples to show readers, both new and old, what the wonderfully dark world of Roman Dirge's Lenore looks like in the new "Lenore: Noogies" full-color hardcover collection.

CBR TV: Roman Dirge

CBR TV: Roman Dirge

"Lenore" creator Roman Dirge talks to CBR TV about returning to the indie cult classic with remastered editions from Titan Books. Dirge created Lenore in high school, and tells us what it's like to look back on his earliest work.