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COMIC REEL: Brandon Routh Spotted On

COMIC REEL: Brandon Routh Spotted On "Flash" Set; "Gotham" To "Scratch The Surface" Of Joker Story

"Arrow's" Atom will guest star on the CW series' sister show; Bruno Heller looks ahead towards "Gotham's" season one finale and more.

REPORT: Alleged Live-Action

REPORT: Alleged Live-Action "Titans" Cast Revealed, Includes Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon and More

A new report states TNT's live-action "Titans" series will feature DC Comics characters including Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon and Raven.

COMIC REEL: Nightwing To Star In

COMIC REEL: Nightwing To Star In "Titans"; "Supergirl" Search Continues

Geoff Johns revealed that Dick Grayson's other alter ego will appear in the TNT drama; Claire Holt reportedly no longer in the running for Kara Zor-El and more.

Johns Says

Johns Says "Titans" Pilot Shooting Next Year

With the slate of DC Comics-based TV shows growing, Geoff Johns stated that a pilot for TNT's "Titans" will be produced in 2015.

ROLL CALL: Potential Television

ROLL CALL: Potential Television "Titans"

With TNT & Warner Bros. developing a live-action "Titans" series based on the DC Comics super team, CBR examines which heroes will answer the call.

TNT Snags TV Rights to Marvel’s Next Five Films

TNT Snags TV Rights to Marvel’s Next Five Films

TNT has signed a deal granting the cable channel television rights to Marvel Studios’ next five theatrical releases, beginning with "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

The Risk - And Potential Reward - of Bringing DC's

The Risk - And Potential Reward - of Bringing DC's "Titans" to Television

As DC's television programming continues to expand, the challenge in bringing a successful "Titans" show to TNT rises exponentially.


DC's "Titans" May Be On Its Way to Television

A new report states that "Titans," based on the DC Comics team of the same name, may be headed to the pilot stage on TNT.

PRESS RELEASE: DK Publishing, "Falling Skies" and Games Workshop Take Sponsorship Role in Free Comic Book Day 2014


SPINOFF REVIEW: Darabont's "Mob City" Comes Out With Guns Blazing

The bullets and booze flow freely on "Mob City," writer and director Frank Darabont's confident new noir drama premiering tonight on TNT.

Frank Darabont Turns Los Angeles Into Crime-Riddled

Frank Darabont Turns Los Angeles Into Crime-Riddled "Mob City"

Writer/director Frank Darabont and stars Ed Burns and Milo Ventimiglia discuss new crime drama "Mob City," which premieres Wednesday on TNT.

"Falling Skies" Stars, Showrunner Tease Sci-Fi Drama’s Third Season

Actors Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood and Doug Jones, along with showrunner Remi Aubuchon, talk about new aliens, a new baby and the upcoming third season of TNT's hit drama "Falling Skies."


CCI: "Falling Skies" Cast, Producer On What’s Ahead For Second Mass

"Falling Skies" showrunner Remi Aubuchon and the entire cast appeared at Comic-Con International discuss the return of Karen, a guest role for Terry O'Quinn, and what lies ahead for the Second Mass.

"Falling Skies" Ups Its Game in Darker Season 2

"Falling Skies" returns to TNT in June and members of the cast and crew were on hand at Emerald City Comicon to discuss upcoming story lines and what big changes they're making.


CCI: "Falling Skies" Panel

The stars and producers of TNT’s hit alien-invasion drama "Falling Skies" took to the stage at Comic-Con International to offer a peek behind the scenes and reveal a few hints for the second season.

Tobin Looks to

Tobin Looks to "Falling Skies"

Aliens attack Sunday nights this summer on TNT's "Falling Skies," but Dark Horse helps fans get in at the very beginning with a trade paperback prelude, out this week. We spoke with writer Paul Tobin about the project.


WC11: "Falling Skies" Panel

TNT offered WonderCon attendees a preview of the upcoming sci-fi series "Falling Skies," with writers, producers and co-star Drew Roy discussing the development of the drama. SPINOFF has details.

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

Writer Mark Verheiden stopped by CBR TV to discuss his career as a comics creator, producing the upcoming TNT series "Falling Skies" with Noah Wylie and Steve Spielberg, the show's comic tie-ins and more

PRESS RELEASE: TNT previews John Rogers' "Leverage"