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EXCL PREVIEW: Barbiere & Cypress Unleash Chaos in

EXCL PREVIEW: Barbiere & Cypress Unleash Chaos in "White Suits" #3

It may be the end of the line for ex-Suit Prizrak in Frank J. Barbiere & Toby Cypress' "The White Suits" #3, on sale April 16 from Dark Horse Comics.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Barbiere & Cypress'

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Barbiere & Cypress' "White Suits" #2

Russian mafia, FBI agents and mercenaries collide in this exclusive preview of Frank Barbiere and Toby Cypress' "The White Suits" #2.

Barbiere Talks

Barbiere Talks "The White Suits," "Blackout" & Avoiding Genre Typecasting

Frank Barbiere resurrects cold war hitmen in the creator-owned "The White Suits" and preps "Blackout's" superhero future, all while avoiding writer typecasting.

Dressed to Kill: Barbiere Weaves Tale of

Dressed to Kill: Barbiere Weaves Tale of "The White Suits"

Writer Frank J. Barbiere dusts off the dossier on "The White Suits," his upcoming Dark Horse miniseries with artist Toby Cypress.


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Mysterious Ways" #1, "Rodd Racer" & "Trailblazer"

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents exclusive previews of "Mysterious Ways" #1, "Rodd Racer" and "Trailblazer." All three go on sale July 6, 2011.


REVIEW: "Blue Estate" #1

CBR reviewer Ryan K. Lindsay gives "Blue Estate" #1 4 stars, saying writer/creator Andrew Osborne's noirish Image Comics debut "is very Elmore Leonard, and that’s a very good thing."

PRESS RELEASE: "Blue Estate," 100 Proof Action from Image

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