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BCC: A Final

BCC: A Final "Fables" Panel With Willingham, Buckingham & More

With the end of "Fables" coming in 2015, Bill Willingham & Mark Buckingham gathered the creative talent behind the acclaimed series for one final panel.

CCI: Bill Willingham's

CCI: Bill Willingham's "Fables" Panel

Writer Bill Willingham and a host of "Fables" creators officially announced a "Fables" convention, teased the franchise's future, and reminisced about favorite moments from the last decade.

Pipeline - 2/7/2012

Pipeline - 2/7/2012

This week's Pipeline begins with a look at "Joe the Barbarian," a 200-page low-blood sugar attack. Plus, an alternate vision for the comics industry, and what can the Wiggles teach comic creators?

Todd Klein Chooses Comics' Greatest Logos

Todd Klein Chooses Comics' Greatest Logos

The greatest logos have an impact on readers, are instantly recognizable and stand the test of time. Legendary letter and logo designer Todd Klein chooses his favorites in a special feature for CBR.

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