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EXCL PREVIEW: Russia Traps Team X in

EXCL PREVIEW: Russia Traps Team X in "New Suicide Squad" #2

With no hope of rescue, Team X will go down swinging in DC Comics' "New Suicide Squad" #2 by Sean Ryan, Tom Derenick and more!


Taylor's "Injustice: Year Three" Returns to Weekly, Introduces Constantine

John Constantine is one of the many new concepts Tom Taylor plans to add to "Injustice: Year Three" as the series returns to its weekly digital format.


EXCL PREVIEW: "Batman/Superman" #11 Gets "Doomed," "Infected"

"Superman: Doomed" continues as "Infected" Chapter 3 strikes DC Comics' "Batman/Superman" #11 by Pak, Derenick, Kershcl and Sampere.

Abnett Preps She-Ra's Return in More Grown-Up

Abnett Preps She-Ra's Return in More Grown-Up "Masters of the Universe"

DC Comics' exploration of Mattel hero He-Man expands as writer Dan Abnett prepares for "The Origin of She-Ra."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Kindt's "Justice League of America" #12

Firestorm's fallout sends Manhunter and Stargirl to San Francisco to save her family in "Justice League of America" #12 by Kindt, Barrows, Derenick & Silva.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Abnett & Lanning's

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Abnett & Lanning's "Hypernaturals" #6

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Hypernaturals #6 by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Tom Derenick and Andres Guinaldo. The Quantinuum creates new problems December 5.

EXCLUSIVE: Abnett & Lanning Evolve

EXCLUSIVE: Abnett & Lanning Evolve "The Hypernaturals"

What happens when the universe's greatest heroes simply vanish? Cosmic creators Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning discuss The "Hypernaturals," their Free Comic Book Day-debuting ongoing BOOM! series.

Brandon Enlists

Brandon Enlists "Men of War"

Writer Ivan Brandon spoke with CBR about "Men of War," a new DC Comics title that sees the grandson of the original Sgt. Rock navigate the changing face of battle in today's DCU.

Guggenheim Tackles Legacies In

Guggenheim Tackles Legacies In "JSA" #50

Writer Marc Guggenheim spoke with CBR News about the over-sized "Justice Society of America" #50, what readers should expect from his next "JSA" arc, the series' new regular artist, Tom Derenick and more.