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Gage Prepares A

Gage Prepares A "Final Exam" For "Avengers Academy"

In August's "Avengers Academy" #34, writer Christos Gage kicks off "Final Exam." No, it's not the end of the series, but is a story arc that pits the teen protagonists against the forces of the manipulative Alchemist.

WC12: Gage Brings the

WC12: Gage Brings the "AvX" Battle to "Avengers Academy"

Writer Christos Gage speaks to CBR News about June's "Avengers Vs. X-Men" tie-in arc of his ongoing "Avengers Academy" series, guest starring the Lights of "Generation Hope."


REVIEW: "Incredible Hulks" #635

Doug Zawisza gives the final issue of "Incredible Hulks" 4 stars saying Greg Pak and Paul Pellettier's send-off to the jade giant contains "riveting storytelling."


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Incredible Hulks" #635

Marvel has released an advance look at "Incredible Hulks" #635, the final issue of the series. Written by Grewg Pak with art by Paul Pelletier and Tom Grummet, Hulks smash once more on August 31.

Claremont Continues Into (X-Men) Forever

Claremont Continues Into (X-Men) Forever

"X-Men Forever 2" kicks off in June, continuing a story that began nearly twenty years ago. Writer Chris Claremont spoke with CBR about the future of the series and brought along exclusive art by Tom Grummet.

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