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DiDio Looks to Kirby,

DiDio Looks to Kirby, "Harry Potter" in "Infinity Man and the Forever People"

The DC Comics co-publisher talks about writing "Infinity Man" with Keith GIffen, the book's upcoming guest artists and its "Futures End" tie-in.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Fialkov, Guevara & Grummett's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Fialkov, Guevara & Grummett's "Ultimate FF" #1

The Future Foundation joins Marvel's Ultimate Universe as Joshua Hale Fialkov, Mario Guevara & Tom Grummett launch "Ultimate FF" #1.

Pipeline - 4/23/2013

Pipeline - 4/23/2013

Augie looks back on the first issue of Chris Claremont's "X-Men Forever!" Plus, how can we make comics "special" again, where is Frank Miller's "300" sequel and more!

Gage Examines His

Gage Examines His "Avengers Academy" Tenure

November's "Avengers Academy" #39 marks the final issue of the series, and CBR News spoke with writer Christos Gage for a look back at the title's inception and his run as a whole.

Talking Comics with Karl Kesel

Talking Comics with Karl Kesel

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with writer/artist Karl Kesel about the recent decision to take his and Tom Grummett's "Section Zero' series online as a free-to-read webcomic.



The FF face their Serpent-possessed teammate the Thing in this advance preview of Marvel Comics' August-releasing "Fear Itself: FF" #1.

Bunn Confronts the Fears of the FF and Black Widow

Bunn Confronts the Fears of the FF and Black Widow

"Fear Itself" has given rise to a Marvel Universe-wide series of crises. In the "Fear Itself: Black Widow" and "Fear Itself: FF" one-shots, writer Cullen Bunn examines two of them in detail.

Van Lente Assembles The

Van Lente Assembles The "Dead Avengers"

CBR News spoke with Fred Van Lente about his and artist Tom Grummett's "Chaos War: Dead Avengers" miniseries, which characters will be returning and how it ties into Marvel's upcoming "Chaos War" event.

X-POSITION: Chris Claremont

X-POSITION: Chris Claremont

The writer of "X-Men Forever 2" and the upcoming "New Mutants Forever" answers reader questions about the fates, good or ill, of Chris Claremont's alternate take on the X-Men Universe. Plus, exclusive art!

PRESS RELEASE: "X-Men Forever" Debuts in May with Jim Lee Variant Covers

NYCC: Back to the Future with “X-Men Forever”

NYCC: Back to the Future with “X-Men Forever”

Picking up directly from where his short-lived run on “X-Men” Volume 2 left off in 1991, Chris Claremont prepares to explore an improbable history with artist Tom Grummett in “X-Men Forever.”

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