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Disney's "The Lone Ranger" Rides In With First Trailer

Disney has premiered the teaser trailer for director Gore Verbinski’s "The Lone Ranger," the big-budget Western in which the story of the legendary masked hero is told from the perspective of the Native American spirit warrior Tonto.

Ande Parks Revives

Ande Parks Revives "Lone Ranger"

The Lone Ranger returns to Dynamite Entertainment and incoming writer Ande Parks spoke with CBR News about the relaunch and what's in store for Lone Ranger and Tonto moving forward.

Matthews Wraps Up

Matthews Wraps Up "The Lone Ranger"

Writer Brett Matthews provides a detailed retrospective on his five-year run on "The Lone Ranger," recalling the beginnings of the title and how his original plan to bring the character back to prominence was executed.