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CBR TV 2008: Mark Millar & Tony Harris, Part I

CBR TV 2008: Mark Millar & Tony Harris, Part I

In support of their creator-owned Image miniseries "War Heroes," creators Mark Millar & Tony Harris undertook an exhaustive tour of the United States, stopping in Hollywood to sit down with CBR for an on-camera interview.

PRESS RELEASE: Millar, Harris team up with Hero Intiative

PRESS RELEASE: Harris, Millar signing at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Millar, Harris launch "War Heroes" signing tour at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find

PRESS RELEASE: Complete "War Heroes" signing tour schedule released

Fortune & Glory: Williams on âIndiana Jones and the Tomb of the Godsâ

Fortune & Glory: Williams on “Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods”

CBR News talks to writer Rob Williams about the upcoming Dark Horse miniseries, “Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods,” how it fits into the Indy timeline, and what guest stars fans can expect.



One of the most requested STUDIO TOURS is finally here: Tony Harris, the celebrated artist of "Starman," "Ex Machina" and "Spider-Man: With Great Power..."!