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Lemire Breaks Down His Heroes In

Lemire Breaks Down His Heroes In "Animal Man" and "Trinity War"

"Animal Man" writer Jeff Lemire speaks about killing Cliff Baker, the creepy villains of his next arc, how Buddy just missed being drafted into DC's "Trinity War" and co-writing the event with Geoff Johns.

RUMOR: DC Makes September Villains Month

RUMOR: DC Makes September Villains Month

An omnibus listing in the new DC Comics trade catalogue reveals that the publisher plans to release villain-centric new #1 issues this September as the villains take over the New 52.

DC Comics Solicitations for July, 2013

DC Comics Solicitations for July, 2013

DC Comics has released their full solicitations text and images for product releasing in July, 2013, including the first word on "Trinity War," new issues of "Batman Zero Year," "Superman unchained" and more.

Johns, Lemire Declare DC Comics'

Johns, Lemire Declare DC Comics' "Trinity War" In July

DC Comics' long-awaited "Trinity War" crossover event kicks off in July as all three Justice Leagues clash under the watch of Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire while the Trinity of Sin looks on.

B&B - 2/7/2013

B&B - 2/7/2013

DC Comics Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobbie Chase return to CBR, announcing and discussing the reasons behind recently cancelled series, creative team shifts, "Trinity War" and more. Plus, exclusive art.

Lemire and Fawkes Possess

Lemire and Fawkes Possess "Justice League Dark"

Ray Fawkes and Jeff Lemire discuss co-writing "Justice League Dark," from their initial "The Death of Magic" storyline to the upcoming "Trinity War," the future of Black Orchid in "Animal Man" and Steve Trevor's motives.

DiDio & Lee Prepare for

DiDio & Lee Prepare for "Trinity War" and DC's New 52: Year Two

DC Comics Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee discuss their concrete goals for 2013, the past year of the New 52 and the lead up to next year's "Trinity War" event.


FIRST LOOK: Fabok's "Justice League" Variant Cover

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Jay Fabok's variant cover for November's "Justice League" #14 featuring Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel's latest chapter on the road to 2013's "Trinity War."