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Troy Little Brings

Troy Little Brings "Powerpuff Girls" Back to Comics

Writer/artist Troy Little discusses his upcoming IDW "Powerpuff Girls" mini-series, revealing the set-up for the series, how this comic pulled him away from a career in animation and more.

Troy Little Speaks On The Return Of

Troy Little Speaks On The Return Of "Angora Napkin"

Cartoonist Troy Little spoke with CBR about bringing "Napkin" to the web and new developments for the franchise. He also provided an exclusive preview of his new "Napkin" book coming from IDW in late 2012.

Troy Little Talks

Troy Little Talks "Angora Napkin"

Cartoonist Troy Little (“Chiaroscuro”) talks to CBR News about his newest comics and animation project, "Angora Napkin," which he describes as “Nightmare on Elm Street" meets "Hello Kitty.”

PRESS RELEASE: Troy Little's "Angora Napkin" OGN announced by IDW

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