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CBR TV: Baker & Parsons Evolve & Expand the DC Universe in

CBR TV: Baker & Parsons Evolve & Expand the DC Universe in "LEGO Batman 3"

Game director Arthur Parsons and the voice of Batman, Troy Baker, spoke with CBR TV about why the scope of "LEGO Batman 3" goes far "Beyond Gotham."

The Suicide Squad Comes to

The Suicide Squad Comes to "LEGO Batman 3" in New DLC

Warner Bros. has announced the latest "LEGO Batman 3" DLC pack, "The Squad," focusing on the all-villain team of the Suicide Squad.

"Arrow," Vixen, Starfire & More Head to "LEGO Batman 3" in 2015

"LEGO Batman 3" has revealed new images for its downloadable content, with new characters from the "Arrow," Bizarro World and Heroines & Villainesses packs.


REVIEW: "LEGO Batman 3"

TT Games' newest LEGO game takes the DC Universe to space, but may not fare as well as previous installments.

"The Dark Knight," "Man of Steel" Heads to "LEGO Batman 3" in DLC

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released information on "LEGO Batman 3" DLC, including scenarios based on "The Dark Knight," "Man of Steel" & more.


SDCC: "LEGO Batman 3" Launches New Comic-Con Trailer

A new trailer for "LEGO Batman 3" has debuted at Comic-Con International as the Warner Bros. Interactive game shows off more intergalactic adventure.

Big Cyborg Heads to

Big Cyborg Heads to "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham"

TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive have released a first look at a massive Cyborg for "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" at E3 2014.

"LEGO Batman 3" Goes "Beyond Gotham" in Debut Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced a third game in the "LEGO Batman" franchise, which features an intergalactic adventure versus Brainiac.

Stan Lee Powers Up In

Stan Lee Powers Up In "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" Trailer

Marvel, TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer and screenshots for "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" featuring the legendary Stan Lee as a playable character.

SDCC: Breaking Bricks With

SDCC: Breaking Bricks With "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes"

Iron Man, Spider-Man and others team up to save Asgard in style during a demo level of "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" showcased at Comic-Con International 2013.

Marvel Releases

Marvel Releases "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" E3 Trailer

LEGO, Marvel, WB Games and TT Games released a new trailer for "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" at E3 2013, teasing the involvement of Asgard and Loki's machinations against the united heroes of Earth.

Director Burton Talks

Director Burton Talks "LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Superheroes Unite"

Director Jon Burton tells CBR about making LEGO games and how the need for a storyline in their second Batman-inspired offering led to an animated feature, a path he has been eager to walk for some time.

Warner Bros. Announces

Warner Bros. Announces "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" Game

Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games have announced "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" as the newest video game in its bestselling LEGO franchise with over 100 playable characters. UPDATED with footage!

"Lego Batman 2" Spans the DC Universe

Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games expand the "Lego Batman" universe to the DC Universe this summer with the inclusion of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and more.