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Ariga Talks

Ariga Talks "Mega Man Gigamix"

With the U.S. launch of his second Mega Man series of manga launching from UDON in May, Hitoshi Ariga spoke with CBR about his work on "Gigamix" and "Megamix," created ten years ago but debuting in English last year.

PRESS RELEASE: Rare Appearance by "Mega Man Megamix" Artist Hitoshi Ariga in Toronto This Thursday

Final Round: Siu-Chong and Cruz on

Final Round: Siu-Chong and Cruz on "Street Fighter II Turbo"

The final chapter of "Street Fighter II" hits this May, collecting issues #6-12 of the "Turbo" series. Ken Siu-Chong and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz spoke about the showdown between Ryu and Akuma.

(Dark)Stalking The

(Dark)Stalking The "Night Warriors"

CBR spoke with the creative team of the new "Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors" miniseries to find out what's in store for the popular Capcom characters and to share an exclusive look at some of the art for the comic.